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Thread: 5.3 5 speed 2wd bin

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    5.3 5 speed 2wd bin

    I have an lh6 5.3 24x crank 1x cam dbw with a 5speed I am gonna run a p059 computer it's going in a 2007 Colorado got 2 questions will the tac module and peddle from Colorado work? Second question does anyone have a os bin that will work on my setup

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    Your 07 Colorado should take a Gen 4 computer, AFAIK all 24 X's are Gen 3. Unless you are doing a standalone set up, it will take a lot of wiring and tuning adjustments. In answer to your actual question it is best to match the throttlebody with TAC module and acceleration pedal sensor. The 07 computer might even have the TAC module built into it. If you post the VIN from vehicle it is going into and the VIN that the donor engine/computer I can pull up the factory wiring diagrams and see.

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