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Thread: Tuning Suggestions(1996 Buick Roadmaster - 1995 Chevy Impala SS ECM)

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    Tuning Suggestions(1996 Buick Roadmaster - 1995 Chevy Impala SS ECM)

    Any help, suggestions, comments welcome!

    What I'm Running:

    1996 Buick Roadmaster - Running with 1995 Chevy Impala SS ECM


    -Custom Long Tube Headers
    -Custom Exhausts; 3" to 2 1/2" with 6" cross over, Flowmasters
    -Custom Ram Air
    -MSD distributer (rebuilt-modified)
    -SP Performance Coil
    -8 1/2 MM Race Wires(Customized with Ceramic ends)
    -Electric Water Pump
    -Stock Throttle Body(Modified)
    -Stock MAF
    -EGR and A/C Delete
    -regular O2's (Wide Band coming soon)

    Rebuilt (Stock Internals *Not my rebuild*)
    Transgo Reprograming Kit (Customized-ZT Performance-Mine)
    Sonnax Servos
    Custom 2nd gear Servo (ZT Performance)

    Rear End:
    Fully Rebuilt; upgraded (ZT Performance)
    -4.56 Gear
    -Helicoil Gear Posi

    MOOG XRF Heavy Duty
    A1A Self adjusting Race Shocks

    Fully Adjustable Air Ride

    Tires: 255/50-17 Federal Super Street 595 (Front-Rear)
    Rims- 17" Crager Style

    Started Programing about a month or so ago. Started with "easy F-body Tuning" and adjusted Trans to shift and speedometer. Simple stuff, have been trying to get on this forum for weeks "mostly my fault - started with adding old E-mail" but have been messing with it trying to learn myself from reading forums from here and other sites. Have done small AFR and Timing adjustments. Messed with trans shift pressures and points a good bit but have gone back and forth with it.

    So it runs good, strong but think i should be getting more out of it in higher RPM's.
    Trans feels real good but would like to calm 1<2 shift a little more on lighter throttle.

    Biggest problem at this point is somewhere in trans programing I have lost the 1st gear command for coming to stops. Doesn't down shift coming to stop, touch throttle and commands first gear and is perfect till next stop. NO SLIPPAGE at all, just not commanding the shift. I can't figure out why. Have made numerus adjustments since and can't figure parameter that I might have changed.

    Will try to down load Bin I'm running currently.

    Another Question I have is in EEHACK I cant read certain things data-logging. Like, for me the biggest is the Trans info; which is what I really want to learn for my small Tranny Shop "ZT Performance".

    Should I have left stock (96 Buick ECM) in instead of switching to new(95 Impala SS)
    What difference would it make? Pro's and Con's of each?
    Truthfully I tried doing this yrs ago on my 95 Z28 and was having communication problems which I found out my nemesis back then and at beginning of this try with the Buick came down to Laptop I was using... have new one now. And as any older FART I am not very computer literate.
    But at time of starting this process with Buick I didn't do my research again, after all I did that yrs ago, and I didn't realize the huge steps that has been made with these programs for OBD2 systems and first thing i did was get me a 95 ECM. If the OBD2 is a better way to go I will gladly go back. Haven't really looked into any of the OBD2 programing because of what I'm Running right now and trying to learn this has been a ordeal for me but I am studying and learning I think, but as in anything I might be Learning bad practices. But I will be looking into OBD2 programing so I can get into changing programs for tranny's I build.

    Thankyou in advanced.
    And thanks to Stevo and everyone else that has made all this possible. It was one of Stevo's posts in a F-Body forum that made me look into this yrs ago for my 95 Z28
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    '96 & '97 OBD2 LT1 pcms are STILL the bastard stepchildren of the tuning world.
    There are very few OBD2 LT1 mail-order or ride-along tuners left.
    For slightly more than the cost of an OBD2 LT1 mail-order tune, an OBD1 conversion has been the best bang for the buck for a while.

    Now that steveo's $EEhack & FlashHack are on the scene, the bang for the buck hits even harder for even less buck.
    Just make sure your wiring is all sorted.
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    the 1994 and 1995 stuff will always be better
    cause eehack
    thats why

    "i cant read certain things datalogging"
    what does that mean?

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    In the EEHACK program I can't look at the *Trans or *Diag data. It just says no data in all the tables. I can only look at the Dash and *Main data. I'm sure there is a setting or something I'm missing.

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    Correct. You have to actually enable those streams by clicking one of the buttons on the right side of those tab screens. "Snapshot" is useful for getting the *Diag data since it's really just instant codes you'll want. Streaming *Trans will get you your active transmission data.

    These streams are disabled by default in order to allow Main*/Dash to work faster, since you have limited bandwidth to work with.
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    this ecm has various datastream messages. by default only the main engine data is logged. each additional message decreases the logging rate of the other messages being logged at the same time. press stream to enable a message. you also have a speed slider. that way you can make one message 'higher resolution' and one 'lower'. eehack is unique in that it has that sample rate control but also deals with alternating datastream messages in its log. your graphing and analysis tools are designed to deal with different sample rates and synchronizing them properly.

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    Thanks for suggestions, sorry, it's been days since I have even had time to open this. I will hook it up tomorrow and try that out.

    So, why do you think me transmission isn't down shifting coming to a stop? A few updates since I posted this.

    1: If I touch the gas at all under 10mph (That's my light throttle shift point) it down shifts. Even in neutral or park. All I have to do is is make the TPS move.
    2: Sometimes it stays in 3rd sometimes 2nd
    3: Does it in open or closed loop
    4: Can force it to shift to first when in control mode whenever I want it to.
    5: I've changed my Base programming or Original programing numerous times in the Transmission parameters and a few others. Small changes mainly. Still the same thing.
    6: Made my Biggest changes in last BIN file. Running on it last few days. Calmed down the transmission a lot. But still no down shift coming to a stop.
    7: Realized this all started when I first changed Trans parameters trying to calm second low throttle shift harshness down some from my initial Programing. But screwed up and recorded over my first BINs so can't go back and compare them.

    I'm missing something.
    Will try to download my newest BIN file.
    Hopefully downloaded 2 BINs. Tranny one was changes made to Tranny of course, what I consider pretty big changes. The AFR-TIMING one is the same as Tranny one but with other changes..

    Can down load Data log if anyone wishes to see it.

    Again Thanks for talking with me.
    This is fulfilling a old mans dreams I've had for a long time. Wish I was more computer literate. Learning though!
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    There is a table called 2-1,3-2,4-3 shift tables, I guess you screwed that up. And the trans never gets the threshold to execute downshifting.

    If it doesn`t shifting to 1st on stop, I think the engine should stall. On eehcack there is a current gear dialog, What that shows, when coming to a stop.

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    I had the same issue with my 4L60E. It would hang in third gear when coming to a stop. Only did it when engine was fully warmed on the highway for five minutes or more. Engine would not stall because the torque converter worked like it was supposed to, just very sluggish out of the hole.

    Never did figure out exactly what it was but went to a much earlier tune and copied over the shift tables. I am running a 603 operating system, and will share the bin file if that will be helpful. Might be better to grab the stock file from your other computer since it is running the correct operating system.

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