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Thread: how to find pid location to add to adx?

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    how to find pid location to add to adx?

    so this might be the wrong location, but is there a way to find a location of a pid you want to log from another scan tool? like I have pids from other places on the net, add them to torque app and they display. I'm guessing it's the same thing with tuner pro.. if I have the pid I can add it under edit ads. but how are these guys finding these pid locations? I've got access to paid scanners with that will show the data, I just don't know how to get that info and put it into a more handy program.

    is there some thing I can use to log what the scanner doing?

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    You don`t need pid location, You need pid number, pid size and pid scaling. Than use the information to add the needed data in other software.

    For logging you can try this program. It have a list of pids and you can add more if you want.Go to utilities->logger

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    I'm sorry, I said location, that is the wrong term since it's not changing a value in a bin file. I'm still not sure what that number is called. address?

    anyways, I'll take a look at that patch file when I'm on my computer and can open it. on my phone now. but I thought patches were things to add into the bin file. like you add patch to add a function?

    I'm probably not understanding what you mean. I've always been able to tune with what's provided but I'm missing some understanding of how it all works as far is making xdf and adx. in this particular case I'm not looking to adjust anything in a tune. just view interesting data easily and TP is handy and I've used it before. so like this is what I have inputted onto torque app for reference. this data I found online someone else figured out. this is is the hybrid battery charge and discharge current from a yukon hybrid. normally you need a tech 2
    to find this level of data, but someone found the pids for it. I would like to learn how it's done. and make a nice adx file with all the stuff I wanna see quicky without the clunky tech 2. off the top of my head, say rear ride level air pressure. it's super handy when towing a trailer as about 160psi they start failing. my tech 2 shows this and I use it for loading tongue weight but it would be nice to have up on tp over a blue tooth connection on trips.

    thanks for any help understanding this data steam stuff.
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