Figured I’d say Hello, I have a 1994 Chevy impala SS & the problem was a TCC PWM solenoid. Iv owned the car since 2011. Purchased it by the original owner that was a mechanic as well. Obd1 or 1 1/2 is what it is & well… my fiancé & I moved to Texas. We drove 1600 miles twice & boy is Texas a different world. Regardless the impala has try Y headers, off road pipes ( cat delete ) with 2 1/2 inch XL spintech mufflers. The black pearl has 109,000 something miles & im glad scan9495 got me the data I need. The car had no check engine light on & since I moved here….Several thousands $$$$$$ of my equipment was stolen by my so called brother
Anthony Corbett here in Texas.
so my obd 1 scanner is long gone.
Anyway I’m looking to tune one of my 2 pcms & well I’m glad this forum exists. Regardless Iv read about Bryan Herter but I’m looking to learn.
gearheads rock & stay free people, remain vigilant & remember freedom is not free 🇺🇸