According to instructions, a person wishing to do "V.E LEARNS" via the "self learn" option in the EBL P4, you should turn (OFF) closed loop by setting temp to enable to max, and lock BLM at 128.

Question is, if it's in open loop, isn't it going to target the open loop values per the open loop vs vac table?!?

And if so, would you not change all of the open loop table values to 14.7X:1 your intended closed loop stioch of 14.7:1 ?!?

Wouldn't it be easier to do a BLM learn in closed loop and lock the blm's to 128?!?

I just don't understand the "PURPOSES" of doing stuff this way... Forgive me, just trying to understand the "INTRICACIES" of it all..

Imagine my surprise when i found out i had it dialed in somewhat, but not doing it right... So now i get to start all over, so i am just trying to figure out the rationale of it, doing it the way it describes..

I understand turning off decel fuel cut off, and CCP, etc. Just trying to understand it all.