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Thread: distributor and wiring question

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    distributor and wiring question

    Hello, I grabbed a complete engine harness (well I forgot the aldl (or however its spelled) connector so I'll have to go back for that) and ecu from a 1988 truck. it was a 1988 truck and from the code on the ecu the truck was apparently a 4.3 (engine was gone but harness was carefully taken apart making me think they would be coming back for it). ECU was code AKDW. I also grabbed a ARHT ecu from a 92 truck as it was just dangling there. I compared it to a 1989 wiring diagram found online and something didnt look right but going by the sticky thread in here, the diagram looks to compare properly to mine?

    I have a v8 distributor but the internal wires are different colors from the diagram. also, they are kinda hard and shiny wires, are they shielded?

    ultimately, all of this will go into a 59 chevy apache with a 235 engine. nobody makes a TBI distributor for this engine and dave's small body HEI hasnt been communicating lately (hopefully he is well), so I plan to make my own as I want the ecu to control timing using the 4.3 ecu.

    the plan is this:
    1. HEI vac advance dizzy from ebay

    2. remove vac advance and lock out the mech advance (will probably JB weld or something as I dont have an actual welder).

    3. use the pickup wires in the HEI dizzy to connect to the 8pin TBI module I rob from the v8 dizzy I have.

    reading this page:

    I guess I will need to reverse the wire hookup on the ebay dizzy compared to the factory TBI dizzy? correct? or am I reading it wrong?
    will my idea even work? I dont want to do any machining which is why I will just modify the pre-existing ebay HEI. I searched on here and didnt see anything similar and every time I try to use a 3-character search I get no results so I guess thats too short of a search term?

    I guess my other two distributor questions are that the ebay dizzy appears to be a 3 wire setup from the picture (red/yellow/black). can I even use its magnetic pickup for the tbi module? I'm guessing there is some weird extra tach wire or something?

    per the wiring diagram, the only modules/sensors I'll need are coolant temp, TPS, MAP, IAC, o2 sensor, TBI distributor module. I have a bracket from the 92 v8 truck (it still had the engine) that has the map sensor, the ecs sensor, and some other sensor on the back of it. I assume the IAC/TPS and maybe the coolant temp sensor are on the throttle body itself? I didnt grab the one from the truck as the injectors were missing and I already have a TB hiding somewhere in my garage.

    what external inline fuel pump would be good to use for this?

    some of my idea came from here:
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