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Thread: hello, new guy

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    hello, new guy

    hello, found this forum one of the facebook TBI groups. hopefully I can find the info I want without bothering anyone.

    but I guess one question. I realize that apparently moates closed down which is where the programmer hardware usually came from for the 7747 ecus. is ebay the new source now for this stuff? I had to go to internet archive to even look through the old product catalog as the site looks to be gone now.

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    The 7747 is cumbersome to work with. The 7747 uses 2732 chips that require being Erased with Ultraviolet Light before they can be reprogrammed.

    For a one-time project, it's not always practical or affordable to buy a Ultraviolet light eraser and 2732 chip programmer?

    There are several options to "Work-Around" the 2732 chip. Here my solution:


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