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Thread: Tuning the Monster...I hope

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    In case anyone needs this info here is how it went with the Monster. My engine is a 496(bored and stroked) and had a custom dominator intake with sequential fuel injection. OEM sensors (MAP, MAF,IAT, Ignition, Temp. sensors...) I had a devil of a time finding any sort of Original tune for the 454 BBC that I could base my build off of. I finally found one, but it was really customized and basically I had to guess and retune and retune(Flash over and over). I never could get it to have a smooth idle. I did use the 2156 OS to build off of. It ran good in open loop and at high RPM though. I still have hard shift from 1st to 2nd and it doesn't seem to improve no matter what I do. I finally gave up on the whole "tuning" thing and swapped out the distributor for a HEI one and slapped on an Edelbrock 1913 850 cfm carb. Well... it idles like a champ now and all of the lousy tuning difficulties are gone. Some time the old ways are the best ways it seems. I wanted the EFI to work soo bad. I spent over 80 hours studying and working on the EFI tuning process and got nowhere basically. I am still using the 2156 OS to run the trans and fuel pump etc. I love that I have access to the basic level of the computer controls and I appreciate the millions of hours that everyone has collectively put into this project to provide free access to the OEM computer on these cars. Thanks to all of you! The carb setup would have been cheaper than the custom EFI intake, and there was no way I was going to use the goofy Vortec stock intake with inaccessible fuel rail and injectors. Here are some pictures of the evolution.IMG_20230328_120109_1.jpgIMG_20230328_131143_1.jpgDominator Intake with 1200 cfm throttle plateIMG_20230620_195025_1.jpgIMG_20230620_195045_1.jpg
    Edelbrock Carb and how it ended up.IMG_20230722_094938_1.jpg
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