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Thread: LS1 Help needed/New to ECU Flashing

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    LS1 Help needed/New to ECU Flashing

    I have an 89 Porsche 944 with a 2001 LS1. I was able to locate a flash to get it started and idling. Unfortunately, when I press on the gas, the engine lopes and will not increase in RPMs. I verified the wiring and installed a new TPS. Still no results. Was suggested by others that my ECU may not be setup with the correct flash. Can anyone provide, or suggest the correct base flash to get the car running and responding? Any help would be greatly appreciated. As stated, the engine is a 2001 5.7 LS1 from a Corvette and is drive by cable. Thanks

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    Often the 2002 LS1 operating system OS is used instead of the 2001 OS. Link the gearhead-efi 2002 LS1 flash files:

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    2001 Corvettes used a drive by wire throttle body, so if you still have the Corvette OS in the PCM you will have some problems using a drive by cable throttle body. I would probably use an OS from a 2002 Camaro to start with.

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