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Thread: 1227165 $6E BIN

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    1227165 $6E BIN

    This is a bin file for those who need a head start converting to $6E on a MAF TPI Corvette previous and up to 1989. It is an unaltered 1989 fuel map with a 1986 iron head spark map. The lowest timing figures from from the 86 and 89 maps have been combined and smoothed to allow the use of 87 octane fuel. May also be useful for aluminum head engines with detonation issues. This particular bin also lowers the fan turn on temp to ~205 and off ~195. The 89 ARAR bin also removes the 2nd gear lockup used on the 86 BUC bin. Lockup is still present in the 3rd gear position around 45mph and occurs normally in the OD position. On a side note, the factory appears to have invoked the 2nd gear lockup/shift light functionality on the original 86 BUC file from a factory automatic car by treating it the same as the stick with overdrive version in the code. This can be seen in Tuner Pro as a stick checkbox ticked on. It may be possible to restore the 2nd gear lockup/shift light functionality to the attached bin or an original ARAR bin in Tuner Pro by ticking that same checkbox. Try that method with caution, it's an untested theory. Even though the factory seems to have done it that way originally, they may have removed that feature to prolong converter and transmission longevity. The ARAR bin also smoothes and refines engine operation especially in the DFCO area which keeps the handling from being upset when accelerating and decelerating especially in turns. The 9th fuel injector is also eliminated so it needs to be unplugged at minimum. This is not meant to be a total solution. You will most likely need to make additional timing adjustments although this timing is far less agressive than the stock 1989 ARAR. Fine tune to your specific combination with Tuner Pro. Just giving back to this great forum.
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    Gearhead-EFI link for 1227165 $6E information and stock .bin files:

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