Hello all,
I have EFIlive V2 to learn to tune and set up some projects I have. Im running SBC and everything I am set up for is drive by cable. All the tuning files I am looking at are for the express platform, my understanding this platform used SBC with the 411. I downloaded many files thinking they would be DBC but when I open the file it has Electric throttle folders so obviously I have a bunch of wrong files. Does anyone here have EFIlive and have any experience with this? I was told by someone in a group on FB that it just pops up on the program even if it isnt supported, I have a hard time believing that. Im building a 350 and also have a 4.3 turbo project. I was able to get a HPtuners file of what looks to be correct but the files do not cross to EFIlive, HPtuners has a .HPT file and EFlive uses .CTZ. I downloaded HPtuners to be able to access the tune and seen nothing that referred to electric throttle in it. Does someone with EFIlive have correct files or give me an understanding as to why I keep seeing this electric throttle folder popping up in these tunes. Have access to the onedrive site with the EFIlive files but everything is looking to be DBW.


Alan Hulse