its like suggesting that someone new to computers go out and try to buy a APPLE II from the 90's and learn and use that
Could be. But with discussions about programming cars from the early '80s still happening, this really is the car equivalent to the Apple II forum. Folks here are using old tech already. Some of us learned to use the tech when it was new. Some of us live in places where old tech is more available and more affordable than than new. Maybe, for some of us, having tools that provide more options vs more convenience is desirable.

Flash chips just seem a lot less of a hassle, especially for newcomers that are trying to start from zero, less barrier to entry
In many cases I agree. It can be very frustrating to find that you have to source a bunch of different parts and tools when you're dabbling in a complex world like chip burning. And for someone asking "Which burner would you recommend" I would think a simple answer that supports readily available chips is a great suggestion. But ask yourself, is this a general recommendation thread, or a thread involving someone who has already purchased hardware? Is the current discussion helping the OP determine whether or not the product he's purchased can burn the chips that are available to him? One of the folks here who has the same product says "Definitely yes." Is there any need to continue?