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Thread: I'm looking forward to being in this forum

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    I'm looking forward to being in this forum

    Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to being in this forum. I am working on my '94 Pontiac Firebird Formula LT1. It was setup as a 1/4 mile race car. He had raised the compression and ran it on racing fuel when he built the motor. After it sat a while I bought it from the guy who raced it. After replacing the fuel pump and regulator, plugs and wires and cleaned the fuel injectors(I'm currently having problems with one injector) it ran for me. But it knocked really bad. So I have tried to do a tune myself and lowered the timing significantly until the knocking stopped. There are a number of things I need to change in my tune to get things like the ABS for my brakes, speedometer, Air Bags and other things. It still runs great though. I have done mechanic work for decades but this is the first time I've done tuning and I've found lots of information on this forum. I have been using Tuner Pro and I like it. And I can't wait to be able to access the helpful info on this forum.
    Thank You for letting me join your Forum,

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    You should check out stevo's site, used to be fbody tech, but he has lt1 tuning tools free he wrote.
    His new site
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    Thanks I will check it out

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