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Thread: 0411 swap . Its never easy

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    0411 swap . Its never easy

    So i have a steep learning curve and not a fast learner. Im the type that usually has to do it to understand it.
    I am working on a 1998 Suburban going from the black box pcm to the 0411 pcm.
    I have ordered off ebay a 2002 GM express van pcm that has a 5.7L, 4L80E tune as i have read that is the easiest to start with.
    I also have the wiring spread sheet for my current black box pcm to 0411 pcm. Re pinning should be the easy part.
    Have not ordered this yet but plan on it. OBDx Pro Vt.
    I have also downloaded Universal patcher, PcmHammer and tuner pro.
    I'm reading A LOT! and trying to learn but man it's a lot of new stuff im not in the least bit familiar with.
    This swap has been done by many others before me so i hope to find a few folks that can help me out on how to proceed and with the inevitable problems that will pop up.

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    Today i ordered all the hardware im pretty sure i need. Next weekend i plan on starting to work on the tune.
    Total noob old guy wanting to learn something new

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    What engine is in your suburban?
    If it's a 5.7 you should be able to just get it going with vats delete, if vats is active in your new 411.
    If it's another engine, I would start with the harness repining and vats delete them do an initial fire up before proceeding to make any changes.
    Also it's important to tune the computer for what injectors you are running if anything other than stock 5.7 injectors.
    After you have the pcm running your truck and delivering the amount of fuel it thinks it is, it's just a matter of adjusting airflow tables and maybe a new timing table.
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