Does anyone know where to get a 7.25" 60-2 trigger wheel for a 351W Ford?
4 bolt pattern; 1.375" ID

I have an Electromotive TEC GT in my Pantera.(Yes, Electromotive is out of business, so no help there)
393ci 'Clevor' stroker with IR intake and throttle bodies.
When it starts, it runs great.
My issue is it does not start consistently. Sometimes, it fires right up.
Walk away, let the battery charge back up and it will, maybe, fire right up.

I'm chasing two avenues.

1) The trigger wheel I have is smaller and was out of round. I trued it up, but no help.
I'm looking for a new one that is a larger OD to move the sensor farther away from the damper, etc.
2) Sensor is a magnetic version. I'll change it out and maybe go to a Hall effect sensor.

Any ideas on sourcing the trigger wheel would be welcome.
I've found various ones that are 'universal', but can't seem to find one that fits the 4 bolt Ford pattern.