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Thread: new here ( 94 buck wagon)

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    new here ( 94 buck wagon)

    i have joined to get more info on my lt1! i have recently picked up tuning and have done a few things (fan temps, impala trans tune, speed limiter) but i am starting to get into spark and a/f and was wonder if anyone has any pointers. not sure how to add attachments.
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    for crusing air fuel in closed loop just do a bunch of logs in eehack, load em up, open the analyzer, and hit analyze. then scale your maf table.

    for fuel at wide open throttle best to buy/borrow a wideband

    for spark in cruise range you can experiment by using eehack's spark skew to see what it 'likes'

    for spark at wide open throttle you can add a few degrees of spark at a time until you find knock and then back off again

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    so i had a few knocks (6) but i actuaully seem to have got rid of them by added +2 spark across the table (1000-4000 rpm) lowed my iac tagets by 100 once it gets to 68 celcius. seemed to like those changes alot but i still feel like im missing something aka being held back at. i do have the 2.56 rear but still. i also run 92-93 octane. it does not like 87-89. i would like to share my log but im not sure how todo that on here.

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