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Thread: 1227747 ARHT tuned for an AMC360

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    1227747 ARHT tuned for an AMC360

    Hi all! I've jumped in and swapped out my carburetor for a TBI unit on my jeep and looking to take the next steps and tune it and wow there is a lot of information out there which at times seems overwhelming, but want to learn and hope to help others with what I learn based on my application. The stock BCC is AMUR (GM Van 350 TBI with 700r4 transmission), but since I don't have the equipment to reprogram the stock chip and it is for an automatic transmission I figured I would just start with something from a manual transmission. There was lots of good info here from this site and ultimately will start with the ARHT BIN:

    Consolidated Cliff Notes Version :D

    Software/Programming Hardware
    TunerPro RT Version 5.00.9513
    Moates G2 Memory Adapter G2-0.60
    BURN2 Chip Programmer
    S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket
    C2 SST 27SF512 Chip. I bought a couple blank chips for experimentation/learning

    TBI Specifics
    ECM 1227747
    ADX: $42-1227747-V5.2
    XDF: $42-1227747-V5.9.3
    Couldn't get the O2 sensor so replaced the O2 sensor with a three wire heated O2 sensor based on reading forum posts about getting to closed loop sooner and staying in closed loop at idle
    Couldn't get the knock sensor and currently have one for a 1987 GM 5.7L TBI, but the diameter is larger than anything I have in the AMC block so haven't figured out how I'm going to remedy that right now, but the show will go on....

    Jeep Details and mods
    1978 CJ5
    AMC 360(5.9L)
    No EGR
    T-150 3 speed manual transmission
    No Air Conditioning
    No Smog Pump
    No VSS yet
    E2000 Fuel Pump which runs at 12psi
    No Vacuum Advance and Mechanical Advance is locked
    Initial Timing: 0* BTDC. The jeep has started with no issue so I believe the timing is controlled by the computer

    Some questions I have:

    1) Since I haven't figured out how to make a knock sensor work should I turn that flag off?
    2) What flags should be turned off or initial conditions should I do prior to collecting data?

    Collecting data:
    I like the way that EagleMark laid out collecting data in this link: I plan to do the same with the expectation I will analyze the data and work to get the Main VE table fixed as an initial step.
    I also found useful info here in which dave w made an excel spreadsheet to help with fixing the VE tables:

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    Uncheck Code 43 and setting the Minimum CTS to Enable Knock temperature to 151 Celsius will disable knock.

    dave w

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    Uncheck Code 43 and setting the Minimum CTS to Enable Knock temperature to 151 Celsius will disable knock.

    dave w
    Ok thank you. I was able to solder in the G2 Memory Adapter last night and will now configure the AHRT file with the initial conditions so I can go collect data. I am a novice so looking through the Parameter Tree in TunerPro RT:

    1) When you say “setting the Minimum CTS to Enable Knock temperature to 151 Celsius will disable knock” is that a Scalar that needs changed in the BIN file? Perhaps setting this value will make some of the additional questions obsolete, but will ask for education...
    2) Should ‘Options - TCC Load Limit’ in the Flags Parameter tree be unchecked since I have a manual Transmission or does the fact that the ‘Options – Transmission Option (X=Manual)’ is checked elsewhere under Flags override this?
    3) The parameter info under ‘TCC Load Limit’ states: "Depending on the option selected, the ECM will engage/disengage the TCC based on either of those two values. i highly suggest using MPH since that’s what this XDF was created for. RPM seems to only be used in manual transmission applications.” So if I need to uncheck this option do I need to change a setting elsewhere since I have a manual transmission?
    4) Burst Knock Retard. This is knock below the knock temp threshold. Should I uncheck this?
    5) Should I change anything else like Base Pulse Width or Power Enrichment prior to collecting data? I probably need to confirm what injectors are in the Throttle Body since someone else could have made changes prior to me getting it.

    Initial conditions set in TunerPro RT are as follows in the Parameter Tree:

    Options Flags:
    1 Pass EGR Diagnostic- Unchecked
    EGR Type- Unchecked
    TCC load Limit- TBD based on questions above
    Burst Knock Retard- TBD based on questions above

    Malf Flags to Uncheck:
    24 VSS
    32 EGR
    43 ESC
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    Possibly one way to figure things out is to compare different .bin files.

    Generally speaking, scalars like the CTS to enable Knock are "condition set points". In this case once the engine temperature reaches 151 Celsius the computer will enable the knock sensor. Obviously, 151 Celsius is almost 304 Fahrenheit. So if the engine temperature was ever able to reach 304 Fahrenheit the knock sensor will be enabled. Likely an engine operating at 304 Fahrenheit is not an optimal engine operating temperature.

    If the vehicle had a VSS the option to enable a scalar at 255 MPH is an alternative "disable" option too.

    Generally the Malf Flags enable / disable the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) from coming on when an error code is set.

    Turning off or unchecking a Malf flag does not stop the ECM from setting error codes, it stops the MIL for coming on when the error happens.

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