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Thread: 93 Chevy G20 Van with 5.0L Vin H and 4L60e

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    Unhappy 93 Chevy G20 Van with 5.0L Vin H and 4L60e

    I have a 93 G20 Van that I have owned for 7 years
    I did a full service at the time I bought it with 143k on it (now has 175k)

    The service included all the sensors, EGR, IAC, Distributor, Timing chain, New built transmission as well as tons of non engine related parts (all GM / AC Delco parts used for the Sensors and valves)

    I drove it for 5 years and it ran GREAT, super reliable. It kinda boogies for a 5.0 !!

    but i parked it and has been sitting for the past 2 years, starting it every few months and now I have a 1500/1800 rpm hesitation.

    It starts fine, idles fine... pulls off idle fine , until it hits the 1500/1800 threshold ??? But I can push past the hesitation and it will run great after that all the way up to 85/90 mph

    It also free revs in neutral/Park fine.

    After going through and testing all the sensors, etc ( which checked out fine) I am lead to believe its the PCM, I have had to jump it a few times since its been sitting

    which is why I am posting here. I am having a difficult time identifying the PCM

    as far as I can find, the PCM is supposedly for a V6 ...Wait , say what!!! yeah from what I could find, the 7427 with the BJSX Prom is for a V6... so, how could it run so great for all those years if its for a V6?!?!
    Besides my PCM concerns, am i overlooking something? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Gearhead-efi link for 16197427 Information:

    dave w

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    Thanks for the link, I actually reviewed that thread before posting this thread. I didn't find any references to my vehicle specs
    Lots of 94/95 years but nothing for the 93 g20 Vin H 4L60e
    The only thing i have found was for a 93 5.0L with manual trans , but I have never seen a factory M/T G20

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    Prog ID BCC Size Year Release Date Eprom ECM Prom ID Scan ID Platform Engine Disp. Trans Trans Type Gear Ratio
    BJXS 1995 34359 16200044 16197427 46 195 G1 L03 5.0 MAN GU6

    Hiya, pull the cover and see what the memcal says for prom id.
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