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Thread: [Files Included] How To VE Tuneing OPEN LOOP with WIDEBAND

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    [Files Included] How To VE Tuneing OPEN LOOP with WIDEBAND

    This is for beginners to learn how to dial in their VE Tables.
    Files Included are for $0D.Attachment 17686

    I have also included an XDF that has visibilty modifications to it to change to visibility level 2, and only show VE Tables and Spark Advance Tables. Also included are directions for beginners how to change visibility in Tuner Pro.

    Modifications are clearly documented.

    Please See Post 2 for the contents of
    [How to Tune VE open Loop With Trimalyzer and WideBand]

    You will need a Wide Band O2 with the 0-5vlt signal wire attatched to pin B-16

    *Edit* PCM pin Locations can be found at the following website

    This will effectivly delete the EGR, if EGR is required after tuning, you can simply remove the Wide Band wire from the PCM pin, and Copy your new VE tables to a bin file that uses the EGR such as the {Stock} [BJYK] Be advised this is for a 95 model 4l60e, that uses Pulse Width Modulation TCC lockup and 94 model year does not
    ***EDIT*** Added bin files for 94 model year
    ***EDIT*** Added bin Files for manual trans, and suggest idle flag filter
    ***EDIT*** Manual Bin Files have limited testing, to date the only reported issue is with the shift light, it can be disabled if desired. Please report any issues with Manual Bins, as I do not own a Manual truck and can not personally test.
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    The following is included in a file named

    [How to Tune VE open Loop With Trimalyzer and WideBand]

    Use these files to perform Open Loop WideBand VE Tuning with Trimalyzer
    Use the Open Loop Bin file to log.
    Modifiactions Logg is attached to show modifications made.
    Use this XDF to make VE changes simpler and Quicker.
    Follow Directions in " [Read Me] How to Level 2 Only TP "
    If You haven't already download Trimalyzer from
    ***Credits for Trimalyzer to Steve Who maintains the site and created Trimalyzer***
    I have added an AFR Error Channel in this ADX
    The only modifications Are made as the Read Me says in original XDF
    This will delete the EGR and Wideband Data is Recieved on the EGR pintle Position Pin, as detailed in the XDF Read Me. As stated there, this is set up for a Wide Band that outputs a 0-5vlt signal, with
    0 vlts = 10AFR and 5 Vlts = 20AFR
    If your wide band has a different scale, it will need to be configured correctly in the ADX.
    This method of VE tuning is verry fast to get desired results, as it does not take time for the PCM to learn how far off it is, the wide band just tells you.
    Also you can combine Datalogs, and it does not matter if you have your history tables set up correct for logging, you just record the data and drive.
    When you are done driving and ready to make adjustments, you need to export your log file to CSV file.

    Click "Acqusition > Export Log File"

    Make sure the correct log file is selected, then click "Export"

    You will then be propted to create a file name for the new file. You should not name it exactly the same as the original log file, at least 1 charector should be different. If its exactly the same, you don't get a useable file.
    Once named, click save.
    a progress bar should be visible at the bottom of the screen, if you have a fast computer, or not a verry long log, you might not even see it.
    Once complete, you can either export another file or click cancel to close the exporter dialog.
    Now you can open Trimalyzer.
    It is set default for using the BLM 128 scale fuel trims. So we have to do a couple things to use it for this purpose.
    First select your exported log file by clicking the add button, or drag and drop your file to trimalyzer. You can select more than 1 but they need to be selected individualy.

    Now with log file(s) opened trimalyzer auto detects things

    We need to change trim bank A to AFR Error.
    click the gear next to it, and select AFR Error

    Next change the scale to Percentage 0 = good

    Then click Ignore Integrator

    Now we need to configure the filters
    The Ones I recomend are
    Deceleration Fuel Cut Off Flag - False
    Deceleration Enleanment Flag - False
    CLosed Loop - False
    Power Enrichment - False
    Tachometer > 500
    Block Learn Multipler = 128
    Integrator = 128
    If you started logging with a cold engine,
    Engine Temperature > 160
    Idle Flag - False
    Knock Retard < 0.5

    Then Click Process Logs
    Then Change Table Layout to VE OD/OE/E6 : Main Ve Table

    If not already, Open Tuner Pro, and ensure that the bin opened in Tuner Pro Is the bin you were running when you were logging, be advised if you double clicked a bin file to open tuner pro, it may not have opened bin you clicked, and instead opened the last bin you had open.
    Verification is a Must!
    Next open the "open throttle VE Table"
    Select and Copy the entire table,
    Go back to trimalyzer and click " Modify Clipboard Data"
    Then Go back to Tuner Pro and Paste your new VE Table
    You can also click redefine input, then change idle flag to true and do the same for closed throttle or idle ve table

    Once you have your VE tables within 5 %, if you wish to return to closed loop, simply copy your ve tables to the
    "[ Modified ] BJYK 95 C-K Truck 5.7TBI 4l60e with 3.08 or 3.42 gears Closed Loop EGR Delete ARF Logging" bin file

    The Atached file can be printed out and includes screen shot pictures
    Update : video added
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralmo94 View Post
    The following is included in a file named

    [How to Tune VE open Loop With Trimalyzer and WideBand]
    ralmo, do you have this thread write up for a P01_P59?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrytxctryby View Post
    ralmo, do you have this thread write up for a P01_P59?
    No I don't. You can however use the same method, trymalyzer is very versatile.
    P01 & p59 both have an egr pintle position pin. Even on factory vehicles that never came with an egr valve. You have to set up your adx of using tunerpro to log, for the curve of your WB. I believe there was a write up on the Moates site that was very helpful for this, and there is a lot of info for HP tuners doing the same thing. You also have to make sure you fail your MAF and are running speed density to tune your VE.
    If your logging software doesn't have the ability to set it up in the log, you can still log egr pintle position voltage, or it maybe called egr position sensor voltage, the open the csv in a spreadsheet and enter the appropriate formula to get an afr error.
    You also want to make sure you are running open loop with no fuel trims for this method. P01 & p59, usually you just have to max out the temp for closed loop. It's a good idea to filter data in trimalyzer for fuel trims 0 alslo though.
    No need to re-invent the wheel. But we can make it better

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