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Thread: [Files Included] How To VE Tuneing OPEN LOOP with WIDEBAND

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    [Files Included] How To VE Tuneing OPEN LOOP with WIDEBAND

    This is for beginners to learn how to dial in their VE Tables.
    Files Included are for $0D.Attachment 17686

    I have also included an XDF that has visibilty modifications to it to change to visibility level 2, and only show VE Tables and Spark Advance Tables. Also included are directions for beginners how to change visibility in Tuner Pro.

    Modifications are clearly documented.

    Please See Post 2 for the contents of
    [How to Tune VE open Loop With Trimalyzer and WideBand]

    You will need a Wide Band O2 with the 0-5vlt signal wire attatched to pin B-16

    *Edit* PCM pin Locations can be found at the following website

    This will effectivly delete the EGR, if EGR is required after tuning, you can simply remove the Wide Band wire from the PCM pin, and Copy your new VE tables to a bin file that uses the EGR such as the {Stock} [BJYK] Be advised this is for a 95 model 4l60e, that uses Pulse Width Modulation TCC lockup and 94 model year does not
    ***EDIT*** Added bin files for 94 model year
    ***EDIT*** Added bin Files for manual trans, and suggest idle flag filter
    ***EDIT*** Manual Bin Files have limited testing, to date the only reported issue is with the shift light, it can be disabled if desired. Please report any issues with Manual Bins, as I do not own a Manual truck and can not personally test.
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