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Thread: How to make an XDF file

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    How to make an XDF file

    Can some explain the steps in making an XDF file, not many around for the P59 PCM's? I've found one, but some values are way off, like DTC's that show 1,2 or 3 might show 243.

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    I've found that my P59 DTC's and other aspects of editing the 7603 P59 BIN are generally good. Are you sure you have all of the correct checksum DLL files installed in Tuner Pro, if that is what you are using? Maybe try a different XDF.

    Making an XDF? There are discussions around about how its done. If adding features to an existing XDF, first hope that it is not password protected. There is also a lot of angst if you edit an open and existing XDF without giving credit to or asking permission from the person who started that XDF. That person put in a ton of work.

    Starting from scratch to build an all new XDF is going to require you to know how to use reverse engineering tools such as "Ghidra" or "IDA Pro" to disassemble the compiled code. Both of those names are Google-able and none of that knowledge is easy to come by. I certainly and absolutely DON'T HAVE THOSE SKILLS!!

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    As far as I know I have the correct checksum DLL. I'll check. If making an XDF file was a straight forward process, I'd try it. Having to reverse codes is just past my knowledge and patience.

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    its very easy to make an xdf but its very hard to reverse engineer a program and locate/identity/label its data, honestly if you don't already understand low level computing the learning curve would be so steep it would be like a wall that you were banging your head against. i know damn near every 6811 opcode by heart but even i haven't made an xdf from scratch, i've always just continued someone else's work after they burned out and went on to other things.

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