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Thread: Moates AutoProm for sale

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    Moates AutoProm for sale

    Hi guys, I think I'm going to sell my AutoProm. It is a brand new replacement from Moates. I seem to be having connection problems with my setup with momentary data stream cutouts. Since I've had the exact same problems with both units, I am almost certain the problem is on my end, not with the AP.

    This would be a great deal for someone just getting into tuning GM OBD-I. Emulation, chip burning, and data logging all in one unit. You should not need to purchase anything other than a Moates chip adapter and a copy of TunerPro RT. All cables are included. (Note: I shortened the emulation ribbon cable to about half the length provided by Moates. This was an effort to fix my data stream issues, but it did not solve it. If you want a full-length cable they are $10 from Moates)

    I will include two 27SF512 chips if they're helpful for you and will ship it in the original box.

    Check it out here for more info. IMG_2711.jpgIMG_2712.jpgIMG_2713.jpg

    I'm asking $175 plus my cost for shipping. Moates sells this package for $329. PM me if interested. Only listed here for now, but I'll probably put in on eBay in a week or two.


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