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Thread: Can someone check my work? 4l60e-4l80e conversion tune

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    Exclamation Can someone check my work? 4l60e-4l80e conversion tune

    Hey all, I'd like to start by saying I have ZERO education in tuner pro or any other system. My mechanical knowledge is decent, but severely lacking when it comes to ECU programming. Recently I swapped my 4l60e 4x4 for a 4l80e 4x4 in my 2003 GMC sierra z71 5.3l 1Mb ecu. it is completely stock other than my exhaust changes, cat delete, and a swap to limited slip diff. I was able to find an xdf with the password removed from "boredtruckowner" and made the changes I saw fit for the swap. If anyone is willing to help that would be great.

    WARNING: the file below is unfinished and modified (and probably complete junk). You should NOT install it on your vehicle

    Anyways, if anyone can give me some tips or edits i would be very grateful. Thanks.
    P.S I dont know how to upload the file here so here is a link to a google folder. you should be able to download it as a .bin file if you have tuner pro.

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    it is also important to note that i am converting the original electric shift transfer case to fit the 4l80e but will eventually be switching to the correct transfer case with a mechanical floor shifter.

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