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Thread: Log Analyzer Quick Tuner -- Tuning Made Easy

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    Log Analyzer Quick Tuner -- Tuning Made Easy

    Attached is an updated Log Analyzer Quick Tuner program. Any .csv, .xls or .xlsx log file that contains BLM and INT with 128 as the base value is analyzed in just a few seconds, providing data to quickly adjust a tune.

    The previous version has been in use for several years to aid in Speed Density (SD) tuning but has been significantly revised. This version now supports Turbo and Mass Air Flow (MAF) tuning. It also supports BINs with left and right bank data such as MAF $EE and SD $DA0/2/3.

    For SD, BLM data are reported relative to MAP kPa; and for MAF, BLM relative to Air Flow Rate, MAF Sensor Frequency or LV8 Load depending upon the information provided. A BLM Correction table provides adjustments required to achieve a BLM of 128.

    Two demo logs are provided:
    MAF $6E DEMO (With WBo2)
    SD $8D DEMO (v7 With Turbo & WBo2)

    To view how log information is analyzed:
    • Load the program (LOG ANALYZER v32). The analyzed MAF $6E log will be presented.
    • Review each Tab.

    To view the SD $8D demo log:
    • Click the “Select Engine Type” Tab at the far left.
    • Select the “Click here to Select Engine Type” button.
    • A menu will be presented. Select “Speed Density”.
    • A Speed Density INPUT page will be presented. It contains the information needed to analyze a $8D v7 Turbo log. Nothing needs to be entered or changed, but it can be to alter how the log is analyzed (temperature ranges, Loop Status, etc.).
    • Press F9. A File Open Dialog will be presented.
    • Locate the $8D demo log file and select it. Once selected, it will be opened and analysis will begin.

    To analyze any other log, repeat the procedure above for the SD $8D demo log. The only requirements to analyze a log are:
    • Select the Engine Type (MAF or SD) to present the INPUT page.
    • Ensure that Log File Column Titles entered on the INPUT page exactly match those in the Log File. Column Titles of various ADX files are provided on the MAF and SD INPUT pages as a starting point. To use them, merely highlight a Mask’s data and copy it to the area on the INPUT sheet where Log Column Titles are entered.
    • Press F9 to analyze

    Feedback appreciated, especially regarding improvements or changes.

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