Hi, Welcome to the DIY Fuel Injection Forum. We are putting this website together for everyone who's into Fuel Injection. From doing a Fuel Injection Conversion on an older carburetor car to or installing a newer EFI motor to their Hot Rod and everything in between!

We've got a picture gallery to upload pictures of your rides! When you look around there you'll see lot's of places for loads of fuel injection information from diagnostic procedures to wiring diagrams. One gallery is just for BIN files for the guys who are tuning their EFI systems and burning chips.

If you have some information to share or need help trying to fix a problem post up in the forums. If you have a wiring diagram for an EFI vehicle there's a place to store that as well. As it all comes together we will all be able to help each other.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you sign up and hang out with us and enjoy your ride