View Full Version : O2 "Bungs" for sale

04-02-2012, 08:45 AM
*sold* Going to leave this info in case I have to reference it again. :)

So not sure if anyone is as cheap as I am, however I ended up with some jam nuts that fit the O2 sensors. M18x1.5 is the thread pattern.

Weld them into your exhaust, and you've got an O2 sensor bung. I've used one on my truck for years, my dad used one on his truck, and no problems.

Jam nuts are thinner than regular nuts, therefore you get the sensor further into the exhaust stream. If you are unfamiliar with jam nuts, they are essentially a cut down nut...less height (thus less threads) than a standard nut. Plenty for the O2 sensor though.

It doesn't appear the aftermarket O2 bungs are cut to fit the curve of exhaust pipe either, so should be no more or less work using these.

I figure $1.50 each is fair, plus shipping. I'll have to dig these things out, and make sure I can send them 1st class (envelope) so that it's worth it for all. Just thought of this though, I don't need to store a bunch of them. I've got a total of four to sell.

You can buy larger quantities for less per ea., but I needed a few for myself so getting them in multiples was good, especially when shipping was factored in.

04-02-2012, 11:45 AM
That's chep I'll bite and try four if you give me a total with shipping I can PayPal.

Need to find something affordable to go along with this for WideBand as they do not like to be down in heat. The one's seen and recomended are about an inch deep to keep sensor just in exhaust. Putting them all the way in does not help and just get's them to hot and not last. Cost of those are like $12...

04-02-2012, 01:59 PM
OK, let me pull them out and see how I can sneak them into an envelope so they don't get lost. :) I'm sure it will be under a pound, which I think is the envelope limit. I'll PM you once they are ready to go!

I had to keep a few myself...I see a wideband coming up sometime in the future, and I may get crazy and want to switch from cylinder bank to bank depending on how the car and truck exhaust come together.

You want me to give you the actual decimal height of these things? I would think a full size M18x1.5 nut would give you more "stand off" if that's healthy for the widebands.