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02-07-2017, 12:28 AM
I'm looking for an Xdf file that's compatible with any of the following Pcm's. If any one has a working Xdf for the blue/green pcm I'd kill for it. I'm not looking for any thing as extensive as the one's for the 0411 Pcm's just basics like VAT'S, injector flow rate, tach settings, gear ratio/speedo stuff and some trans parameters would be a great start. Even if I can't tune fuel and spark tables I'd at least be able to get the basics set so the pcm's were usable in swaps. If it's got more in it that's even betterSome Pcm numbers as examples#12576106#12586242#12589462#12602801#12589 462Thanks....I hope someone can help me on this

02-07-2017, 03:52 AM
What are you using to read / flash these 1Mb PCMs ?

02-07-2017, 10:32 AM
A program & hardware I purchased from someone much smarter then I am. I'd rather not post the name of the program since it hasn't played nicely thus far with any of the american 03+ read or writes and I'm sure someone would run off to buy it with out understanding that right now it's not doing much for American stuff . It has been successful writing a full OS change and calibration changes from Holden bin files to a couple of GM pcm's but thus far it fails to complete a calibration write after writing a new bin to the pcm. It's got a lot of potential but I believe I'm the 1st person to try this on American GM pcm's....at least based on the amount of trouble I've had so far. With the limited use I've had trying this on 411 and 896 pcm's it does seem pretty stable and works well, managed to unlock an Hptuners tuned pcm in under 5 minuites, read the bin out of it then wrote a different OS back over it with no issues . Unfortunately I've got a stack of the 03+ pcm's so that aspect of it is doing me very little good at the moment.Once I hear back from the person that created this and get past the issues with the blue/green US bins I'd be more then happy to disclose all the details as well as my experiences with it.The reason I need a working ADX file to see what exactly is being changed in these Pcm's. It will write the bin but fails to do any thing else with out an error. I'd like to compare the values it shows as a Holden compared to what it shows after writting a GM bin.

02-07-2017, 12:51 PM
Sounds like you are from the land Down Under. There is a person selling a flash tool on eBay Australia that is supposedly able to read / write all PCMs (1999 to 2002 512Kb and 2003 to 2007 1Mb). It is an interesting tool - if it actually works, and if they reduced the price from $500 to about $350 ($500 is enough to purchase HP Tuners).

The PCM numbers you quoted in post #1, don't refer to an operating system (which would be linked to a particular XDF file). Each of those PCMs could have used multiple operating systems, requiring multiple XDF files. To cover all possible operating systems used in 2003 to 2007 1Mb PCMs, you would require about a dozen XDF files - tantamount to writing your own tuning software.

If the software actually worked, and it could be purchased for a reasonable price, I might consider writing a couple of 1MB XDF files. This equates to an investment of several hundred "spare time" hours.

02-07-2017, 04:20 PM
I'm from the good old US of A....but the tool did come from down under. Don't go running out to buy it just because of what I'm about to say..... but it's not actually $500 US dollars. Its 500AUD so depending on the conversion rate at the time the actual price will fluctuate. I want to say it was just under $400 US with shipping or pretty close to that amount.I didn't reference an OS number because right now I really don't care. I can flash an OS on the pcm that matches an XDF for what I'm trying to do right now. I keep getting errors with just about any US bin file. Hell I can read an 03+ pcm with this, and write the same file back to the pcm just fine but as soon as I try to "write cal" it fails about 1/2 way though. I'm thinking that when it writes the bin it's also writing every thing else it'd need to work but I don't have an 03+ engine here right now to try it on so with even a basic Xdf I can see if it's actually changing any thing. I've tried this in various combinations on 5 different Pcm's and all 5 end up with the same error unless you write a holden bin and cal file...then it works fine like the instructions say it should. And yes from what I've done with it so far it does work as advertised on the 99-02 pcm's. Took an 0411 out of a v6 jimmy and wrote an 01 silverado bin and cal right over it, have also tried the change pcm S/n and vin with it and that also works. I used it to clone another 0411 pcm I had out of a astro van into an 896 pcm for a 99 silverado. My friend took the pcm home and tried it with his HP tuners and it showed it was licensed as an 896(the only pcm he can tune on his unlimited license) when in fact it was an 0411...... and yes the pcm would start and run a vehicle. He hasn't tried to edit any thing in it, he just said it didn't ask him to license it like the 0411 normally would. Now back on track.....how about someones partial Xdf file so I can see how many of these pcm's I might have bricked trying this out lol.

02-07-2017, 06:17 PM
Thank you for the back story. I thought it was likely that flash utility.

It sounds like they have figured out a solid flash platform for the 512Kb PCMs (0896 & 0411) - which has also been done by others on the internet.

It would appear that they have not fully developed a solid flash platform for the 1Mb PCMs. Whether you write the everything (OS & Cal), or just the Cal, as long as you didn't edit the BIN in Hex, then nothing has changed, so both write processes should complete. Given that the write Cal only does not complete (after a successful write of the OS & Cal), there is a problem with the flash utility itself.

It is doubtful that anyone on this forum has well developed XDF for a 1MB PCM. The only "free" BIN flash utility was written by Dimented24x7, and this was intended for use on the 512Kb 0411 PCM only. Some development of early XDFs were for this platform solely. Also, even if you find a partially completed XDF for a 1Mb PCM, it is all but useless without a corresponding Checksum Plug-in for TunerPro.

Given that you paid about the same amount of money for this read / flash software as you would have for HP Tuners, you would think that the developers of this software would be hard at work creating XDFs to go with it.

On a positive note ....

You should be able to do some testing with only the raw materials that you have at hand. Firstly, stay away from the 2003 PCM (12576106) as these used a unique boot-loader and can cause errors to occur if not flashed very specifically (and are also prone to bricking as a result).

Use your 2004 PCM (12586242) and 2005 - 2006 PCM (12589462) for flash testing. Before you go any further, does your bench flashing harness / equipment feature switches for both battery voltage and ignition voltage ? Or at least constant battery voltage and a switch for ignition voltage ? Battery voltage should always be maintained, while the ignition voltage is cycled after a flash (turn the ignition voltage off for at least 30 seconds, one minute is better, after reading / writing the PCM).

First, read the complete calibration from each PCM, and save these files. The VIN and the PCM's serial number are not included in any checksum, so these can be safely altered without the use of an XDF or a Checksum Plug-in. Try changing these parameters using the flash utility, and confirm the results. Next, try to fully program the 2004 PCM with the 2005 PCM's calibration (and the reverse). Once each of the PCM's has been reflashed, read the complete calibration from each PCM, and save these files. Confirm the results. Next, try flashing the calibration only portion from these newly saved files. If this fails, then there is a problem with the flash utility.

02-07-2017, 06:31 PM
To quell any more questions about the 'How or why I need an XDF", here's vid of the 0411 I mentioned that was written to an 896 pcm, I just rolled it back 1 year further and from an Suv to a pickup. While doing this there was an OS mismatch but it wrote past it any ways with out an issue.....and works in vehicle. Notice at the end every thing changes even the Bcc and serial number in the pcm. If nothing else it's a way to get around licensing for Hptuners and EFI Live.....not that I would ever do that https://youtu.be/o_-O61bx1qA

02-07-2017, 06:58 PM
As I stated previously, they seem to have a solid flash platform for the 512KB PCMs. Whether you have an XDF or not, won't change the flash utility's ability to overwrite a different operating system. If it won't overwrite the 1MB PCM operating systems then there is a problem with the flash utility.

I have given you some suggestions for troubleshooting your new software, the rest is up to you.

02-07-2017, 10:56 PM
Finally got pcm out of a 03 S10(12589462 successfully flashed all the way though to an 04 C1500 Lm7. Snapon Modis Ultra was able to auto id the pcm and I'm able to get sensor readings on the bench with dummy resistors. No way to remove VATS to to try and start it but I'd guess with the anti-theft gone it'd run. Unfortunately I've got a small stack of pcm's to pull the chips off and flash the hard way.

02-07-2017, 11:13 PM
LRT, thank-you for the suggestions. I gave up on the 6106 pcm's although I did manage to get one to run the full flash,cal after I was done on the other pcm and it worked with out error but it's a pcm I know is faulty(dead 5V ref) so there isn't much I can do with it. It was the only one out of 3 of those that I had to live. I got a couple of Xdf files with the program but there for Holden pcm's. I know one of the VZ files will flash to a couple of my Pcm's. Just for kicks I opened the 04 c1500 bin I flashed with the VZ xdf file and while I don't really under stand how these are created a lot of it looks to make sense despite being a different OS. LTR,In your opinion would it be safe to use the VF xdf file to try and turn off VATS in one of the pcm's I know the VF file will flash too? The Xdf is for OS 12592433, the pcm I've flashed with the truck file is OS 12587603. I'm attaching a copy of the text file printout from Tuner Pro(had cut the bottom of it for file size).

02-08-2017, 05:15 PM
OK, so your question is - can you use an XDF written for OS 12592433 to edit OS 12587603 ?

The answer is no.

If you examine the text file that you posted, some of the values look "sane", others are definitely not sane. Some of the tables look OK, while other tables are wildly erratic.

OS 12592433 was used by Holden in 1MB PCMs in 2005 and 2006 (I think). This OS was also used by the 2004 CTS-V. I compared OS 12592433 to OS 12587603, and the VATS switch is not at the same Hex address. This means that you will not be able to disable VATS in OS 12587603, using that XDF.

03-23-2017, 01:05 PM
I have a question about the tool your using. will it flash a unmodified bin from one p59 pcm to another. I have 2 2005 truck pcm's bolth came out of identical trucks. could you read the bin from one and clone it to the other. would like to have a spare pcm for my truck.