View Full Version : WTB Lower Throttle Body housing for IAC. 2 Torx screws hold IAC. 1990-1996 Chev V-8

06-02-2015, 06:37 PM
WTB TWO Lower Throttle Body IAC housings from Chevrolet V-8 TPI from 1993-1997 Coolant passage will not be used.
Chevrolet V-8 Port Fuel injection 5.0/5.7L This housing has the IAC screwed in with two Torx screws and is sealed with an O-ring. The connector is 4 pin flat for the IAC.
(I don't need the Black Screw in IAC housings with the 4 pin square weather pack connector, used in Chev V-8 1985-1989?? 5.0/5.7L Port Fuel Injection) I pay shipping. Pay Pal OK. Thanks for looking