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12-06-2011, 04:15 PM
16149396 ECM Information $DF
1991 - 94 Chevy Buick Pontiac LQ1 3.4L V6 W body
1993 - 94 Chevy Buick Pontiac LH0 3.1L V6 W Body

*Work in Progress!*

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TunerPro Definition files for 16149396 $DF

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Bin files for the 16149396 $DF

01-01-2012, 08:56 PM

93 3.1L VIN T


Oxygen sensor voltage stays between 0.35 and 0.55 volts for 60 seconds when
the TPS signal was above 4%. The engine had been running for at least 2


Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature of over 270 F
after the engine had been running for at least 20 seconds.


Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature colder than -38 F
for at least 1 second.


TPS voltage was above 3.8 volts for 10 seconds when engine was running and
air flow was less than 17 gm/sec.


TPS voltage was under 0.25 volts for 3 seconds when the ignition was


Inlet air temperature sensor signal showed an air temperature of -31 F for
10 seconds after engine had been running for 4 minutes.


Engine Speed was between 2200 and 4400 RPM and transmission was not in park
or neutral and TPS was less than 2% for 3 seconds.


Inlet air temperature sensor signal showed an air temperature of over 293 F
for 3 seconds when vehicle speed was greater than 35 MPH.


The ECM opens each EGR control valve during deceleration and monitors the
change in manifold vacuum. This code is set when the change in manifold vacuum
is outside the normal range.


MAP sensor voltage was too high for 4.8 seconds when throttle angle was less
than 2%.


MAP sensor voltage was too low for 1 second when engine speed was under 600
RPM, or MAP sensor voltage was too low for 1 second when engine speed was over
600 RPM and throttle angle was above 20%.


Engine idle speed is either 300 RPM above or below the desired idle speed
for 50 seconds.


The EST signal did not change when the ECM applied bypass voltage to the
ignition module.


Knock sensor signal was either above 4.6 volts or below 0.64 volts for at
least 10 seconds.


Oxygen sensor voltage was under 0.25 volts for at least 60 seconds of closed
loop operation.


Oxygen sensor voltage was over 0.7 volts for 50 seconds in closed loop
operation with a throttle angle between 3% and 45%.


MEM-CAL error.


ECM sees a battery voltage of more than 16.9 volts for 10 seconds.


Fuel pump voltage was less than 4 volts for 4 seconds.


Vehicle was in 2nd gear but 2nd gear signal switch was open, or vehicle was
in 3rd gear but 3rd gear switch was open.


A/C pressure sensor voltage was either above 4.9 volts or below 0.1 volts
for at least 5 seconds.

03-10-2012, 12:03 PM
16149396 Wiring Diagrams

03-10-2012, 12:05 PM
16149396 $DF hack Disassembly of bin file

03-10-2012, 10:51 PM
the 9396 is a 1227727 with an extra 2KB of RAM mapped from $1800-$1FFF. factory calibrations that use this PCM use the extra RAM almost entirely for stack purposes.

in non-modified form, there are:
16 A/D channels, 8 of which can be used for temperature type sensors (meaning 2 wire, fed 5V from the ECM, essentially rheostats).
14 discrete inputs (switches, basically), 11 of which are powered by the ECM and switch to ground.
14 outputs, 6 of which are PWM (8 or 10 bit, can't remember which are which off-hand)
1 injector driver, which controls 2 pins. can handle at least 8 high impedance injectors safely.
1 frequency based input(for MAF/VATS)
SHOULD be capable of directly using an optical VSS if necessary, magnetics used in all factory applications.

if need be, modification can be done to include a few missing ICs to add in a second injector driver, a second reference interrupt(cam sensor), another discrete output, U11 looks to be a second narrowband O2 sensor amplifier, up to 8 more discrete inputs and A/D circuits can be changed from 2 wire types to 3 wire types or vice-versa.

overall, if you were to start a custom mask/OS, like i have, using a P4 ECM, this is the one i would choose due to it's significant number of options, along with the fact that it is VERY well documented. currently, i'm testing another hardware mod to test the PCMs capability to use a 64KB BIN. the EEs who designed this board must have been told to make it VERY difficult to allow a 64KB BIN to be used, since i had to come up with some clever ways of bypassing the +5V applied to the highest address pin(by 3 different copper trace layers) that would make 64KB BINs impossible.