View Full Version : My First EFI Conversion

09-16-2011, 08:34 PM
Found a couple pictures of my first EFI conversion done about 1999 on my 1977 IH Scout Traveler 345 engine. Notice the first IH/GM hybrid distributor and the first use of a Caprice TBI air filter mounted backwards to clear waterneck and gain acess to cold air from cowl. Also had the hot air tube hooked up!

No room in a Scout dash for an ECM. Scout had bucket seats with center console so not much of a loss.

Someday I will scan pictures of my first EFI vehicle. Bought new in 1987 Chevy Red Shortbed 5.7L 700r4! :jfj: First year 7747 in a truck.

It was really strange to have a 1977 Scout start and run as good as the 1987 Factory EFI Chevy!

09-18-2011, 06:00 AM
Nice looking conversion.

When I did my first swap we still used film! I still have the '57.

The first revision used a couple of 2.5 S10 air cleaners. Looked like poo poo. I really need to get back to this. I have an NVG4500 to install and I keep toying with the idea of dumping the Crossfire manifold. I've got an old Smokey Ram here and a big block TBI manifold which would work, or I could switch to 305 Vortec heads and use the lower half of a Vortec intake with a custom upper half that mounts a couple of throttle bodies. And of course I want to pull the 7747 for a P4.