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05-08-2013, 01:56 PM
so after doing a little bit of looking around, I take it if you need a XDF for a obd2 PCM, for the most part you have to make it yourself?

I saw dimented's 0411 XDF, but that doesn't help me so much for my little V6...

05-08-2013, 02:22 PM
i'm slowly working on making some of the popular 60/90V6 stuff usable in tunerpro.... i've run into a wall with calculating/updating the checksum though... could always disable the function, but it would be nice to have available.

05-08-2013, 02:30 PM
I was kinda figuring that was the case, but I figured I would ask to make sure first. As you know, I'm still learning here, but if there is anything I can do to help, I am more then happy to do so.

05-08-2013, 02:36 PM
if you can figure out how to write a checksum plug-in for tunerpro(in C++, i think), instant fix.

05-08-2013, 02:51 PM
if you can figure out how to write a checksum plug-in for tunerpro(in C++, i think), instant fix.

I know some people who might, I'll put a couple of feelers out there and see what I can come up with.

02-11-2015, 12:46 AM
I made this a while back based on the tiny tuner database. the info is pulled from a 02 grand prix GTP osid ending 462. Might be helpful for creating an XDF.

1d12a-ect vs voltage
23c18-injector firing reference vs engine type 1
23c42-injector firing reference vs engine type 2
4c544-engine displacement vs engine type
6ee51-car type
6ee52-ignore flash checksum
6ee53-disable flash security
6ee54-module programmed
6ee56-engine type
6ee57-crank sensor resolution
6ee58-supercharger rpesent
6ee60-immediate a/c rpm disable
6ee66-a/c disable rpm
6ee6a-a/c rpm re-enable
6ee70-a/c on startup delay
6ee84-a/c min air temp
6ee86-a/c disable/re-enable ect
6ee8a-a/c disable/re-enable tps
6ee8e-a/c disable timer
6eea6-a/c ign voltage disable
6eeaa-a/c ign voltage enable
6eeb2-maf airflow table
6ef54-maf max positive airflow change
6ef7a-maf max negative airflow change
6f016-transient airmass calc mode
6f018-max cyl airmass
6f01e-transient fueling enable positive tps delta
6f020-transient fueling enable negative tps delta
6f028-default mass airflow (gm/sec) vs tps vs rpm
6f2f2-maf failure airmass calc mode
6f2f4-speed density maf compensation vs baro
6f308-speed density maf compensation vs ect
6f31c----speed density maf compensation vs baro
6f3b4-volumetric efficiency
6f5b2-ve correction vs tps vs egr state
6f5ca-speed sensity maf compensation vs IAT
6f75e-air pump system present
6f774-air pump enable startup coolant temp
6f7a8-alternator startup delay vs ect
6f7bc-alternator rpm cutout
6f840-default baro
6f842-always use default baro
6f846-sc baro lookup
6f888-na baro lookupvs tps vs rpm
6faa4-o2sensor config for pid 13
6faa6-boost delay-boost timer base
6fabc-boost delay-timer adder-tcs on
6fb00-boost delay-timer adder-tcs off
6fb54-CCP enable coolant temp
700a6-ect ok enable ert
700a8-ect ok enable ect
700aa-ect ok disable ect
700ac-ect ok enable dtc set
700ae-ect ok disable ect dtc set
700b0-ect temp vs ert
7031c-knock sensor diagnostic min ect
7031e-knock sensor diagnostic min engine load
70320-knock sensor diagnostic rpm thresholds
7032e-knock sensor diagnostic min ert
70332-knock sensor circuit diagnostic min fails per sample to set DTC
70334-knock sensor circuit diagnostic test sample size
70336-knock sensor diagnostic min fails per sample to set dtc
70338-knockc sensor diagnostic test sample size
7033a-knock sensor diagnostic max KR
7033c-knock sensor diagnostic min tps
7033e-knock sensor diagnostic min ignv
70f4c-flash checksum
70f7a-CAT diagnostic tests per trip
70f7c-CAT diagnostic count to fail
70f82-idle diagnostic min tests failed to set dtc
70f8a-max idle rpm variance vs ect
70fda-cam and crank sensor circuit min ert
70fdc-p0341 min fails per sample to set dtc
70fde-p0341 test sample size
70fe0-p0336 min fails per sample to set dtc
70fe2-p0336 test sample size
70fe4-p1374 min fails per sample to set dtc
70fe6-p1374 test sample size
71080-p0103 min fails per test sample to set dtc
71082-p0103 test sample size
71084-max maf frequency
71086-p0102 min fails per test to set dtc
71088-p0102 test sample size
7108a-min maf frequency
7108c-p0101 min fails per sample to set dtc
7108e-p0101 test sample size
71090-max delta airflow
710a6-p0106 max map volts vs tps vs rpm
71140-p0106 min map volts vs tps vs rpm
711da-p0108 and p1106 min fails per test sample to set dtc
711dc-p0108 and p1106 test sample size
711de-p1107 min fails per sample to set dtc
711e0-p1107 test sample size
711e2-p0106 number of times out of range to set p0106
711e6-p0108 min fails per test sample to set dtc
711e8-p0108 rpm threshold
711ea-p0108 test sample size
711ec-p0107 min fails per test sample to set dtc
711ee-p0107 rpm threshold
711f0-p0107 test sample size
711f3-p0108 min map volts
711f4-p0107 max map volts
711f6-p0108 max tps above rpm threshold
711f8-p0107 min tps above rpm threshold
711fa-p0108 max tps below rpm threshold
711fc-p0107 max tps below rpm threshold
71202-p1112 min mph
71204-p0113 min ect
71206-p0113 max airmass
71208-p0113 max mph
7120a-p0113 min ert
7120e-p1112 min ert
71213-p0112 min raw iat count
71214-p0113 max raw iat count
71216-p1111 and p1112 tests sample size
71218-p0113 min fails per test sample to set dtc
7121a-p0112 min fails per test sample to set dtc
7121c-p1111 min fails per test sample to set dtc
7121e-p1112 min fails per test sample to set dtc
71220-p0112 and p0113 test sample size
71222-p0030 fail time
71224-p0030 ign v thresholds
71228-p0230 fail time
7122a-p0230 ign v thresholds
7122e-p0403 fail time
71230-p0403 ign v thresholds
71234-p0654 fail time
71236-p0654 ign v thresholds
7123a-p1689 fail time
7123c-p1689 ign v thresholds
712ac-p1121 min fails per test sample to set dtc
712ae-p1121 test sample size
712b0-p1122 min fails per test sample to set dtc
712b2-p1122 test sample size
712b4-p0121 min ect
712b6-p0121 min ert
712b8-p0121 min fails per test sample to set dtc
712ba-high tps diagnostic error max map-p0121
712bc-low tps diagnostic min map
712c2-p0121 test sample size
712c4-p0123 min fails per test sample to set dtc
712c6-p0123 test sample size
712c8-p0122 min fails per test sample to set dtc
712ca-p0122 test sample size
712cc-p0123 min tps volts
712ce-p0122 max tps volts
712d0-high tps diagnostic predicted tps vs rpm
712f0-low tps diagnostic predicted tps vs rpm
71862-misfire max delta time low rpm cyl mode
71994-misfire max delta time mid rpm cyl mode
71ae8-misfire max delta time high rpm cyl mode
71c1a-misfire max delta time low rpm rev mode
71ea0-misfire max delta time high rpm rev mode
71d4c-misfire max delta time mid rpm rev mode
7200a-misfire firing order lookup
7201c-misfire detection coldstart ect definition
72014-misfire detection disable coolant temp
72016-misfire detection enable coolant temp
7201a-misfire detection min ect coldstart
7201e-misfire detection high rpm threshold
72020-misfire detection low rpm threshold
72092-p0130 and p0150 min ect
72096-p0130 and p0150 min ert
7209a-p0130 and p0150 rpm thresholds
720a0-p0130 and p0150 airmass thresholds
720a4-p0130 and p0150 ign v thresholds
720a6-p0130 and p0150 conditions enable time
720a8-p0130 and p0150 tps thresholds
72204-p0132 and p0152 min fails per sample to set dtc while in pe
72206-p0138 min fails per sample to set dtc while in pe
7220a-p0132 and p0152 test sampel size while in pe
7220c-p0138 test sample size while in pe
72210-p0132 and p0152 max o2 mv in dfco
72211-p0138 max o2 mv in dfco
72218-p0131 and p0151 min fails per sample to set dtc
7221a-p0137 min fails per sample to set dtc
72230-p0131 and p0151 test sample size
72232-p0137 test sample size
72236-p0131 and p0151 max o2 mv
72237-p0137 max o2 mv
72248-p0134 and p0154 min fails per sample to set dtc
7224a-p0140 min fails per sample to set dtc
7224e-p0134 and p0154 max o2 mv
7224f-p0140 max o2 mv
72252-p0134 and p0154 min o2 mv
72253-p0140 min o2 mv
72256-p0134 and p0154 test sample size
72258-p0140 test sample size
7225c-p0131 and p0151 min fails per sample to set dtc while in pe
7225e-p0137 min fails per sample to set dtc while in pe
72262-p0131 and p0151 test sample size while in pe
72264-p0137 test sample size
72268-p0131 and p0151 max mv while in pe
72269-p0137 max mv while in pe
72286-p0132 and p0152 min fails per sample to set dtc
72288-p0138 min fails per sample to set dtc
72292-p0132 and p0152 max o2 mv
72293-p0138 max o2 mv
7229e-p0132 and p0152 test sample size
722a0-p0138 test sample size
72988-fuel trim diagnostic min baro
7298a-fuel trim diagnostic ect thresholds
72990-fuel trim diagnostic airmass thresholds
72998-fuel trim diagnostic min fuel level
7299a-fuel trim diagnostic map kpa thresholds
7299e-fuel trim diagnostic iat thresholds
729a6-fuel trim diagnostic intrusive mode airmass thresholds
729ae-fuel trim diagnostic intrusive mode min rpm
729b6-fuel trim diagnostic RPM thresholds
729ba-fuel trim diagnostic max MPH
729fc-idle diagnostic min baro
729fe-idle diagnostic min ect
72a00-idle diagnostic min ert
72a04-idle diagnostic min iat
72a06-idle diagnostic ign v threshold
72a0e-idle diagnostic max tps
72a10-idle diagnostic max MPH
72a16-p0102 and p0103 min ert
72a1a-p0102 and p0103 min iac steps
72a1c-p0102 and p0103 min ign v
72a1e-p0102 and p0103 min rpm
72a20-p0102 and p0103 criteria enable time
72a22-p0101 egr limits
72a26-p0101 max map
72a28-p0101 ign v thresholds
72a2e-p0101 max airmass
72a30-p0101 max delta map
72a32-p0101 max evap purge percent
72a34-p0101 criteria enable time
72a36-p0101 tps thresholds
72a62-dtc fault type
72b54-dtc fault enabled
72d3c-egr disable run time vs startrun coolant
72d8c-egr air temp disable
72d90-egr enable tps threshold
72d92-egr disable tps threshold
72d94-egr enable speed
72d96-egr disable speed
73938-enable oil pressure warning light
741f8-open loop af by rpm vs airmass
745d4-fuel level percent vs fuel level sensor volts
7467c-class 2 fan enable
74684-fan 1 ambient temp
74688-fan 1 coolant temp
7468c-fan 1 pressure
74690-fan 1 coolant temp vs vehicle speed
74694-fan 1 pressure vs speed
74698-fan 1 keyoff coolant
7469a-fan 1 keyoff time
7469c-fan 2 temp
746a0-fan 2 pressure
746a4-fan 2 coolant temp
746a8-fan 2 pressure vs speed
746ba-use filtered tps
746bb-WOT disables AE
746bc-ae disable tps closing delta
746c0-ae tps re-allow
746c2-enable tps delta vs ect
7470e-TPS filter coefficient
74710-ae disable ref count limit
74712-ae modifier vs baro
74726-ae mph modfier
74738-ae enrichment vs tps max delta
74762-accel enrichment vs ref counts
747e4-ae modifier vs ect vs ert -in gear
748fc-ae modifier vs ect ve ert -p/n
74a14-startup ae modifier vs tps
74a2a-startup ae modifier vs afr correction
74a36-closed loop desifred a/f ratio
74b98-open look af by rpm vs airmass ect threshold
74b9c-open loop af by rpm vs airmass cold ect
74ebc-open loop af by rpm vs airmass hot ect
751e0-open loop base af by coolant temp
75206-max startup ect for startup afr
75208-additional ect needed to disable coldstart status for afr vs startup ect
7524c-torque abuse a/f
7524e-torque abuse differential score a/f
75250-traction control desired a/f
7525e-over high mph limit afr
75260-rev limit mode afr
75286-engine over temp base a/f ratio
752be-base pe a/f vs ect
752e4-pe rpm vs time vs a/f
75416-pe a/f vs tps
75443-catalytic converter overtemp a/f ratio
75464-startup enable time vs ect
754d6-startuip a/f adjustment by coolant temp
756ce-decay vs startup ect vs rpm-p/n
7575a-decay vs startup ect vs rpm-in gear
75878-hot open loop fuel enable coolant temp
7587a-hot open loop fuel disable coolant temp
7587e-hot open loop fuel conditions enable time
75880-hot open loop fuel iat thresholds
75884-hot open loop fuel mg/cyl thresholds
75888-hot open loop fuel mph thresholds
7588c-CAT protection coolant
758a2-closed loop max airmass
758a4-closed loop disable airmass
75a2e-engine runtime for closed loop vs ect
75a54-closed loop fuel enable coolant temp
75a56-closed loop fuel disable coolant temp
75a58-closed loop rpm enable max ect
75a5a-closed loop fuel enable rpm
75a5c-closed loop fuel enable rpm time
75a5e-closed loop o2 mv disable time
75a60-closed loop o2 mv thresholds
75a62-pe mode delay rpm
75a64-rev limit afr active time
75a66-pe enrichment rate - rev limit hits for rev limit afr
75a68-pe delay vs tps
75a92-pe anable tps
75ab4-pe enable cylinder airmass vs rpm
75ad6-pe enable mass air thresh hysteresis
75ad8-pe mass air enable threshole modifier vs baro
75af6-torque abuse drive rpm
75afa-torque abuse drive injector disable
75afb-torque differential score injector disable
75afc-traction control # of injectors disabled vs tc mode
75b08-traction disable injectors
75b10-min rpm for mph shutoff
75b12-disable all injectors high MPH
75b1e-disable 1 injector high mph
75b20-disable 2 injectors high MPH
75b22-high rpm pn fuel cutoff
75b26-high rpm rev fuel cutoff
75b2a-high rpm fuel cutoff
75b2e-DFCO disable tps threshold
75b30-DFCO enable coolant temp
75b50-DFCO enable/disable rpm threshold vs gear
75b66-DFCO disable vehicle speed
75b68-DFCO disable vehicle speed (cruise mode)
75c16-de use filtered tps
75c18-disable positive TPS delta
75c1c-enable negative tps delta
75c20-de tps filter coefficient
75c22-DE disable ref count limit
75c24-decel enlean vs tps
75c4e-decel enlean modifier vs ref counts
75c8c-de modifier vs ect vs gear
75cb4-de modifier vs vacuum
75cc2-low pulse width injector offset vs pulse width vs map
75e3a-prime pulse delay after powerup
75e4e-injector pulse boundry
75e52-injector offset vs battery voltage
75eb2-end of injection pulse vs coolant temp
75f10-min evap purge pct
75f14-LTFT enaleanment calc enabled
75f15-fuel trim calc use ftc0 table
75f16-LTFT min ect
75f18-LTFT max negative trim
75f40-LTFT offset for FTCell change
75f50-blm update enable coolant temp
75f52-STFT threshold needed to change LTFT
75f5a-max LTFT with maf failure
75f5e-min LTFT with maf failure
75f6c-max LTFT with evap off
75f70-max LTFT with evap on
75f74-min LTFT with evap off
75f78-min LTFT with evap on
75f7c-FTC3 mg/cyl thresholds
75f7e-FTC3 disable cylair
75f80-FTC3 TPS thresholds
75f82-FTC3 disable tp angle
75f84-FTC3 rpm thresholds
75f86-FTC3 disable RPM delta
75f88-FTC1 mg/cyl thresholds
75f8a-ftc1 enable cylair
75f8c-FTC1 tps thresholds
75f8e-FTC1 enable tp angle
75f90-ftc4 mg/cyl thresholds
75f92-FTC4 disable MAF airflow rate
75f94-FTC0 idle variance thresholds
75f96-FTC0 enable RPM
75f98-FTC0 tps thresholds
75F9a-FTC0 enable TPangle
75f9c-FTC0-mph thresholds
75f9e-FTC0 enable MPH
75fac-FT learn min ert
75fb2-LTFT change vs rich/lean status vs airmass
76042-IFR lookup mode
7606a-injector flow rate
790a6-min injector pulse width
760b0-max ect for crank fuel ref count multiplier
760b2-crank fuel vs coolant temp
760fc-crank fuel correction vs # ref counts
761c0-crank fuel correction vs crank rpm
76202-crank fuel correction vs tps
7620e-crank fuel correction vs baro
76222-injector skew percent rough idle
7622e-injector skew percent
765be-base pulse width correction vs fuel pump flow
765e0-IPW correction vs IAT
766fa-2speed fuel pump
766fe-fuel pump high speed disable ign volts
76700-fuel pump high speed enable ign volts
76702-fuel pump high speed enable map
76704-fuel pump high speed disbale map
76706-fuel pump high speed enable flow
76708-fuel pump high speed disable flow
76712-fuel pump prime time
76718-o2 sensor rich lean threshold
76730-STFT offset vs ect
7676a-max STFT
7676c-STFT offset engine cold MAX ECT
76772-min ftft
76776-o2 sensor rich lean transistion time at idle
7677a-o2 sensor rich lean transition time vs airmass not idle
7678c-base stft table vs ft cell
76816-CAT diagnostic enable coolant temp
7681a-o2 rich threshold offset min stft
76a2d-enable 2 bank fuel trims
76a2e-fuel milage DIC readout multiplier
76a30-hot light enable coolant temp
76a32-hot light disable coolant temp
76a3a-iac motor reset position vs baro
76a4e-iac motor reset position offset vs ambient air temp
76a66-iac airflow per step
76a96-iac airflow correction vs ac pressure mph multiplier
76aa8-iac airflow correction vs oil temp
76abc-iac airflow offset for fan 1 on
76abe-iac airflow offset for fan 2 on
76ac0-iac airflow offset vs coolant temp vs engine run time
76b24-IAC airflow correction vs a/c pressure
76b56-iac p/n offset hi lo mph threshold
76b58-iac airflow offset for p/n vs rpm
76b9c-iac airflow offset vs gear vs rpm
76c90-iac underflow dead band-in drive
76c9e-iac underflow dead band-p/n
76cd6-iac overflow deadband vs tps%
76d60-iac correction for ac anticipate vs ac pressure
76db2-iac for ac anticipate correction factor vs rpm
76e28-iac p/n to drive added steps vs coolant temp
76f46-iac rev to drive anticipate steps vs vehicle speed
76f70-iac steps added for fan 1 on
76f72-iac steps added for fan 2 on
77174-idle rpm offset vs baro
771de-iac desired idle rpm trans not engaged
7722a-iac desired idle rpm trans engaged
77464-throttle follower disable delay vs gear
7753a-throttle folloer gain factor vs vehicle speed
77582-throttle follower disable filter time constant vs gear
77e5f-spark table air mass scale
77e60-map scaling factor
77e62-map sensor offset
77e66-default max map
77f3a-default map vs tps vs rpm
780b0-default map vs ect multiplier
780d6-default map vs iat multiplier
780fc-default map vs egr% multiplier
78112-o2 sensor b2s1 present
7816a-decel fuel cutoff spark advance
7816c-warmup spark correction vs baro multiplier
78180-low octane/bad fuel spark
78420-high octane/good fuel spark
786c0-mean best torque spark
78960-decel spark advance multiplier vs coolant temp
78974-decel spark advance multiplier vs ambient temp
78988-decel spark advance vs rpm
789a4-decel spark disable tps
789a6-decel spark enable tps
789aa-decel spark advance enable coolant temp
789fe-torque abuse spark
78a00-max allowable spark advance
78a02-min allowable spark advabce
78a10-max spark advance in pe
78a24-egr spark adv. correction vs load vs rpm
78b64-egr spark adv. correction vs load ve rpm high alt
78cb8-launch spark disable vehicle speed
78cbc-launch spark enable positive delta tps
78cbe-launch spark enable pos delta mass air
78cc0-launch spark disable pos delta mass air
78cc4-launch spark disable negative delta tps
78cc6-launch spark advance correction vs load vs rpm
78e40-launch spark correction multiplier vs coolant temp
78e68-min power management spark advance
78e6a-power management spare retard vs pm mode
78e78-power management spark retard adder vs pm mode vs tps
78f6c-spark advance p/n correction vs coolant temp
78fa6-tcc spark advance correction
79028-warmup spark correction vs load ve engine runtime
79126-afr spark modifier
79136-air temp spark modifier
792d6-engine coolant temp spark modifier
7953c-high rpm threshold
7953e-high RPM spark
79540-crank spark advance vs rpm vs coolant temp
798b4-disable idle spark advance
798b6-idle spark enable coolant temp
798b8-idle spark disable coolant temp
798de-idle spark advance vs load vs rpm
79932-disable idle spark advance vs ect multiplier
79934-idle spark advance multiplier vs coolant temp
79980-closed loop idle spark correction-ap on
799c4-closed loop idle spark correction-ap off
79a0a-torque differential score retard
79a0e-high MPH limit
79a1c-warmup spark correction vs mph multiplier
79a2e-warmup spark max ert vs ect
79e52-min est signal high time
79e54-min est signal low time
79e56-static dwell time vs reference period
79ea0-dwell time correction vs batt voltage
79ece-lower window limit dwell time multiplier vs rpm
79ef4-upper window limit dwell time multiplier vs rpm
79f1a-max dwell table correction vs ign temp vs ign volt
7a0e6-max dwell time vs ign volt vs rpm
7a450-dwell time correction vs %egr
7a832-main dwell table correction vs ign temp vs ign volt
7a9fe-main spark dwell time vs ign volt vs rpm
7ad76-burst kr detection min rpm
7ad78-burst knock disable mph
7ad7a-burst kr detection min delta tps
7ad7c-burst kr detection max ect
7ad82-max burst knock retard
7ad88-cyl air threshold
7ad8a-knock retard recovery rate
7adac-knock retard decel recovery rate
7adce-knock retard ir attack rate
7adf8-max allowed spark retard
7aeo6-spark control runtime disable
7ae08-spark control coolant disable
7aeoa-spark control rpm disable
7ae0c-knock retard default value
7ae1a-knock retard default max
7ae28-default kr vs mgcyl multiplier
7ae48-default kr vs rpm multiplier
7ae5a-spark control map disable
7af8a-traction mode boost control by torque
7af8c-traction mode boost enable control*** error msg in tiny tuner when clicked
7af8e-decel boost control MPH
7af90-decel boost control by throttle
7af92-integral gain
7af94-porportional gain
7af96-boost ramp rate
7af98-excess MPH boost reduction gain
7af9a-excess mph reduction scalar
7af9c-excess MPH enable timer
7af9e-excess mph enable by MPH
7b07e-dtc disables shift adapts
7b0fe-dtc forces 2nd gear
7b17e-dtc disables 3 to 2 downshift above 30 MPH
7b27e-dtc disables 4th gear
7b2be-dtc disables 4th gear in hot mode
7b33e-DTC forces max line pressure
7b47e-dtc forces extra line pressure
7b4f5-dtc disables tcc lockup
7b5fe-shift pressure 2nd base
7b640-shift pressure 3rd base
7b682-shift pressure 4th base
7b6c4-shift pressure 2nd performance
7b706-shift pressure 3rd performance
7b748-shift pressure 4th performance
7b78a-2nd base correction vs torque vs trans temp
7b834-3rdbase correction vs torque vs trans temp
7b8de-4th base correction vs torque vs trans temp
7b988-2nd downshift pressure correction vs torque vs trans temp
7ba32-3rd downshift pressure correction vs torque vs trans temp
7badc-4th downshift pressure correction vs torque vs trans temp
7bb86-braking pressure 1st
7bba8-braking pressure 2nd
7bbca-braking pressure 3rd
7bcac-2nd upshift pressure multiplier vs torque vs ratio
7bd56-3rd upshift pressure multiplier vs torque vs ratio
7be00-4th upshift pressure multiplier vs torque vs ratio
7beb2-calculated pulses per revolution
7beb4-abuse mode duration vs trans temp
7bef8-torque reduction 2nd to 1st downshift
7bf1a-torque reduction 3rd to 2nd downshift
7bf3c-torque reduction 4th to 3rd downshift
7bf5e-torque reduction 1st to 2nd upshift
7bf80-torque reduction 2nd to 3rd upshift
7bfa2-torque reduction 3rd to 4th upshift
7bfc4-torque reduction 1st to 2nd performance upshift
7bfe6-torque reduction 2nd to 3rd performance upshift
7c008-torque reduction 3rd to 4th performance upshift
7c04c-1st to 2nd normal shift line
7c06e-2nd to 3rd normal shift line
7c090-3rd to 4th normal shift line
7c0b2-2nd to 1st normal line
7c0d4-3rd to 2nd normal line
7c0f6-4th to 3rd normal line
7c118-2nd to 3rd cruise shift line
7c13a-3rd to 4th cruise shift line
7c15c-3rd to 2nd cruise shift line
7c17e-4th to 3rd cruise shift line
7c1a0-1st to 2nd d2 normal line
7c1c2-2nd to 3rd d2 normal line
7c1c4-2nd to 1st d2 normal line
7c1e6-3rd to 2nd d2 normal line
7c1e8-1st to 2nd dlo normal line
7c1ea-2nd to 3rd dlo normal line
7c1ec-2nd to 1st dlo normal line
7c1ee-3rd to 2nd dlo normal line
7c2bc-1st to 2nd hot normal line
7c2de-2nd to 3rd hot normal line
7c300-3rd to 4th hot normal line
7c322-2nd to 1st hot normal line
7c344-3rd to 2nd hot normal line
7c366-4th to 3rd hot normal line
7c388-1st to 2nd performance shift
7c3aa-2nd to 3rd performance shift line
7c3cc-3rd to 4th performance shift line
7c3ee-2nd to 1st performance shift line
7c410-3rd to 2nd performance shift line
7c432-4th to 3rd performance shift line
7c454-1st to 2nd wot shift
7c456-2nd to 3rd wot shift
7c458-3rd to 4th wot shift
7c45a-2nd to 1st wot shift
7c45c-3rd to 2nd wot shift
7c45e-4th to 3rd wot shift
7c460-1st to 2nd hot WOT shift
7c462-2nd to 3rd hot wot shift
7c464-3rd to 4th hot wot shift
7c466-2nd to 1st hot wot shift
7c468-3rd to 2nd hot wot shift
7c46a-4th to 3rd hot wot shift
7c46c-1st to 2nd performance wot shift
7c46e-2nd to 3rd performance wot shift
7c470-3rd to 4th performance wot shift
7c472-2nd to 1st performance wot shift
7c474-3rd to 2nd performance wot shift
7c476-4th to 3rd performance
7c482-1st to 2nd shift rpm
7c484-2nd to 3rd shift rpm
7c486-3rd to 4th shift rpm
7c488-1st to 2nd hot shift rpm
7c48a-2nd to 3rd hot shift rpm
7c48c-3rd to 4th hot shift rpm
7c494-1st to 2nd performance shift rpm
7c496-2nd to 3rd performance shift rpm
7c498-3rd to 4th performance shift rpm
7c4a0-1st to 2nd dlo urban line
7c4c2-2nd to 3rd dlo urban line
7c4e4-2nd to 1st dlo urban line
7c506-3rd to 2nd dlo urban line
7c77a-TCC apply 2nd normal
7c79c-TCC apply 3rd normal line
7c7be-TCC apply 4th normal line
7c7e0-tcc release 2nd normal line
7c802-tcc release 3rd normal line
7c824-tcc release 4th normal line
7c846-TCC apply 3rd cruise
7c868-TCC apply 4th cruise
7c88a-tcc release 3rd cruise
7c8ac-tcc release 4th cruise
7c8ce-TCC apply 2nd hot
7c8f0-TCC apply 3rd hot
7c912-TCC apply 4th hot
7c934-tcc release 2nd hot
7c956-tcc release 3rd hot
7c978-tcc release 4th hot
7c99a-TCC apply 2nd performance
7c9bc-TCC apply 3rd performance
7c9de-TCC apply 4th performance
7ca00-tcc release 2nd performance
7ca22-tcc release 3rd performance
7ca44-tcc release 4th performance
7cc76-normal tcc release %tps threshold vs gear vs speed
7ccdc-cruise tcc release %tps threshold vs gear vs speed
7cd42-performance tcc release %tps threshold vs gear vs speed
7cda8-1st to 2nd normal shift time
7cdca-2nd to 3rd normal shift time
7cdec-3rd to 4th normal shift line
7ce0e-1st to 2nd performance shift time
7ce30-2nd to 3rd performance shift time
7ce52-3rd to 4th performance shift time
7cfa6-shift switch type
7cfa8-disrete switch debounce time
7cfb8-iat sensor present
7cfb9-shift quality controled by pcm
7d002-abuse mode control method
7d004-max turbine torque tcc locked
7d01e-max turbine torque tcc unlocked
7d0a6-brake torque limit
7d1c2-torque abuse speed enable
7d1c4-torque abuse throttle enable
7d1c8-torque abuse rpm enable
7d1ca-torque abuse time enable
7d1d2-torque management engine speed limit
7d1d6-torque abuse spark retard
7d208-torque abuse differential score MPH threshold
7d260-catalyst protection boost shutoff
7d2c0-traction control enable coolant temp
7d50c-transmission type
7d516-1st gear min rpm/vehicle speed ratio vs MPH
7d520-2nd gear min rpm/vehicle speed ratio vs MPH
7d544-speedometer input pulse per revolution
7d558-pulses per mile
7d568-vtd present on car
7d572-vtd injector disable time
7d578-vtd auto learn timer
7d580-vtd autolearn counter
7d632-tcc slip test fail slip rpm low
7d634-tcc slip test fail slip rpm high
7d659-tcc slip diagnostic disable rpm
7d65a-tcc slip diagnostic enable rpm
7d8d0-max shift pressure
7d8d2-drive sprocket ratio
7d8f6-first gear ratio
7d8f8-second gear ratio
7d8fa-third gear ratio
7d8fc-fourth gear ratio
7d8fe-reverse gear ratio
7e942-trans abuse mode-min tp%
7e93e-trans abuse mode-min rpm
7e940-trans abuse mode-max trans rpm
7e946-trans abuse mode-max MPH
7e948-trans abuse mode-torque reduction
7ed76-downshift delay after tcc unlock
7ee0c-tcc upshift unlock time vs gear
7ee14-tcc downshift unlock time vs gear
7efaa-tcc dc max-line pressure vs trans temp
7f076-tcc dc min-line pressure vs trans temp
7f120-tcc pressure apply rate
7f9ce-FMC vs CLP vs Temp
7fb0e-torque step size for table lookup
7fb22-extra line pressure from dtc
7fbf4-trans revolutions per mile
7fffa-prom id
7fffe-programming complete pattern