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  1. Building a GM EFI Small Cap Distributor for TBI Conversions!
  2. Code Hacking by ECMGUY R.I.P Dedication to all the work!
  3. ECM Lag Filters By Robert Rauscher 10/14/2000
  4. Plug readings by Bruce Plecan AKA "Grumpy" R.I.P. dedication
  5. Programming 1o1 by Bruce Plecan AKA "Grumpy" R.I.P.
  6. GM ECM Reading Error Codes CEL-SES Light
  7. Ultimate RPO Codes Complete GM PDF Database
  8. EFI Tuning Tips Bruce Pelcan 2009
  9. Pass Code for Security keys
  10. Closed Loop Fueling Statergy Bt Robert Rauscher
  11. 1227749 info from DIY-EFI.org mailing list Circa 2000
  12. Some very good info on EFI projects.
  13. Good read on O2 sensors
  14. Interesting write up on "drilled injectors"
  15. Where do you start when tuning a chip? Update 10/24/2011
  16. '7747 Flash Chip Conversion (27SF512)
  17. '427 PCM - Memcal Mod for 27SF512 Chip
  18. IAC Testing procedure
  19. 2732a Chip Reader Adapter
  20. EFI Fuel Pump Upgrade
  21. 1227747 TBI BPW Calculator
  22. $8d 8192 Baud Asynchronous Communications Data Stream Modes. ECM Guy
  23. $8d ECU Diagnostic Data Stream Returned in Mode 1 by ECM guy
  24. Testing GM EFI Distributor Spark and misfire.
  25. Injector Offset/Latency Chart Link
  26. Initial Setup of TBI, TPI and MPFI systems. Min Air Adjust, TPS set and Fuel Pressure
  27. IAC Logic for 1227747 Robert Rauscher 10/14/2000, updated 12/4/00
  28. 1228747 Turbo 400 $4F
  29. 1227747 $42 VE1 + VE2 Fuel Tables
  30. Stock TBI Fuel Pressure Reglator Springs Measured
  31. DIY TBI Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  32. E85 and Ethanol in-depth information
  33. 1227747 IAC wiring to IAC for Big Block and Small Block
  34. Knock Counts and Knock Retard Degrees AUJP $8d
  35. Reading Stock GM Chips Burn 1, Burn 2, AutoProm TunerPro Flash and Burn
  36. Installing G1 Adapter form Moates
  37. Quicker way to do Spark Hook test on the street for LT1s and others?
  38. Vibration considerations for computer mounting
  39. AFR Gasoline - E10 Wide Band 02 sensor tuning using Lambda
  40. Adjusting VE Fueling tables with BLM data Tutorial!
  41. Old school: Complete DIY-EFI and GMECM mail archives have been restored
  42. 1997 K1500 LT1/wTPI & 411 ECU conversion
  43. Putting a GM TBI system on my 1972 Ford F-250
  44. 1989 K3500 TBI converted to TPI
  45. another Ford converting
  46. $EE Tuning Writeup! 94-95 Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Impala, Caprice...
  47. philosophy of tuning
  48. ALDL USB Cable Instructions
  49. General EFI information and links AKA "FAQ"
  50. The car drink a lot of fuel and take out a lot of black smoke
  51. Thank you to Six Shooter!
  52. TBI for a flathead Ford engine
  53. '7427 VE Correction using Excel Averageifs $OD, $31, $OE, and $E6
  54. Over my head with a 73 Landcruiser 350 TH / 350 TBI Conversion
  55. How to run a MAF with Stack Injection
  56. How to run a MAF with Stack Injection
  57. TBI power distribution block
  58. How much fuel pressure do I really need?
  59. Tuning '94 chev Suburban Big Block
  60. TBI to TPI conversion Sourcing parts
  61. PRE efi tools
  62. 1992 454 TBI Fuel Pressure HELP
  63. EFI Injector Size for best efficiency and fuel economy
  64. sunfire module how-to questions
  65. bin file for 1227747 with an AKAH chip
  66. 2012 LFX V6 - From Camaro - Manual Trans. - E39 PCM - CANBUS - Run stand alone?
  67. Odd Fire TBI
  68. Need a decent tune to get me started 1995 chevy silverado k1500 manual trans
  69. Need a decent tune to get me started 1995 chevy silverado k1500 manual trans
  70. Tuning and HP Tuners HOW TO videos
  71. EGR needed?
  72. Diesel Fuel Injectors
  73. need help , so many questions, so little knowledge on my part
  74. screenshots on Logworks from wot and a single gear downshift
  75. EFI on a roots blower with junkyard parts?
  76. Another marine TBI conversion
  77. ecm compatability chart?
  78. 7747 convert to 7427
  79. Speeduino
  80. 747 ECM schematic drawings?
  81. ALDL interface - 89 S10 to Bluetooth?
  82. Need help merging together wirings of 1990 5.7/350 in cabin with 1998 5.7 vortec eng
  83. I'm doing my best to learn tuning, I bought the jet dynamic spectrum tuner. 99 chevy
  84. 87 gmc p/u bulk head wiring diagram
  85. OBDII DTC processing
  86. PCM Bench Harness Build
  87. 92 c2500 4L80e 16147060 ecm AWTM bin