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  1. ECM Test Bench
  2. Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-Ignition
  3. Megasquirt information/FAQ
  4. So you wanna install a turbocharger?
  5. Tuner recources by Inovate
  6. Moates O-Meterr and Innovate LC1 Wide Band O2 Sensor
  7. Inovate LC-1 Serial Out to AutoProm?
  8. LC-1 on the bench
  9. Other EFI systems and related topics forum
  10. Nissan Tuning software and Hardware.
  11. Honda/Acura tuning solutions
  12. which ECM would you choose, and why?
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  14. injector bungs and other hardware
  15. 86 Nissan hardbody ????anyone
  16. Oil temp measuring
  17. Has anybody ever used this ??
  18. jeep renix keeps falling out of closed loop
  19. Question about low impediance drivers for injectors.
  20. fast self programing ecu
  21. Need injector dimensions
  22. Bosch Wideband sensor extension harness
  23. DIY-EFI mailing list and website alive and well!
  24. pinout needed
  25. Delphi map/mat sensor
  26. 1991 R/V series 700R4 TCC service manual diagnosis pics
  27. WBO2 connectors.
  28. Ready to start collecting parts for GM ECM in toyota 4runner
  29. old school DFI Gen 6 pinout needed
  30. Where Can I Find Reliable Electrical Schematics?
  31. Onstar
  32. SST27SF512 replacement.
  33. crank triggers?
  34. Open source Arduino based OBD2 data logger
  35. New ECM/PCM labels?
  36. 4L60E Line Pressure Adapting
  37. Fuel Injector Noise
  38. Looking for advice on VW Obd1 project
  39. Innovate LM-1 remote gauge advice
  40. 1227747 and 700r4 TCC wiring
  41. 2 1/16 gauge ECM data display
  42. Finally cleaning up the rats nest of wiring.....
  43. Windows7/IE9 flagging downloads as virus
  44. 2004 Hyundai/OBD2 questions
  45. was handed a puzzle
  46. Roadrace Motorsports
  47. Proper way to terminate injector connections
  48. End of windows xp support
  49. Tech2 flashing
  50. New to Fuel Injection
  51. USB o-scope?
  52. 2jz motor on gm v6 harness/pcm?
  53. Fuel Injection Question on a Range Rover - Stumped
  54. V6 3400 vs 3800
  55. Moates Autoprom battery bad?
  56. Dell tablet for tuning
  57. Ford MAS EFI on chevy
  58. Diablo CMR DODGE
  59. Serial Port Monitor or Sniffer
  60. Higher-Octane Gas Could Improve Fuel Economy
  61. rusEfi: open source DIY ECU
  62. Where is the best place for an O2 bung and wide band O2 sensor?
  63. Obdii diesel bin??
  64. Great Electronic Reference site
  65. Help with timing table
  66. Looking for MEFI 5 or 5a bin files with 24x motor E67
  67. 22re Crank and Cam Sensor Locations.
  68. Tunerview for tunerpro
  69. ECM location on a classic car
  70. Cruising Air fuel ratios.
  71. What Do I use to Open This Corection Spread Sheet???
  72. honestly thinking about ditching tbi
  73. Oil pressure sensor transfer function.
  74. Used Moates tuning equipment identification
  75. Snowmobile, ATV & Motorcycle code readers ?
  76. Burn1 issue
  77. Help Needed - Anyone here in San Diego County?
  78. Rocker arm ratio
  79. Holley HP on 514" BB Ford and 250 shot on top......
  80. Oldsmobile 350 TBI in a Buick Hearse project
  81. Another cookie out of the oven.......
  82. Stock LB7 Dyno Run
  83. O2 sensors - interchangeable ?
  84. slot mount engine position sensor
  85. USB Universal Programmer TL866CS
  86. LQ4 Power
  87. ASNU injector cleaner flow bench need help
  88. fastacton, please check your pm's, thanks
  89. Megaswitch v.megasquirttesting
  90. V-12 Six Barrel TBI
  91. 3 cyl engine management options...
  92. Lean AFR after shifts, ECU still removing fuel - Scout II 345 V8 Holley C950
  93. 4.0 Jeep Crank Pulse Timing
  94. can anyone help ID these injectors?
  95. O2 Sensor Compensation vs Temperature Modifiers?
  96. Does anyone here know the best aftermarket scan tool, all makes?
  97. Mitsubishi ECM repair source recommendation
  98. GM MDI 2
  99. Mechanical injection / EFI mashup
  100. 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 bin file
  101. J1708/J1587 diesel stuff
  102. accel dfi 6.0
  103. Diesel Fuel Injection in a Two-Stroke Petrol
  104. Wideband O2 install advice
  105. Supercharger throttle body placement question
  106. Can someone explain proper USB cables
  107. What fuse size for bench cable setup?
  108. Troublecode 51 from ECM at 1980 Firebird
  109. New Aftermarket EFI System
  110. mounting missing tooth wheel to crankshaft pulley
  111. Shopping for value rich ecu.
  112. 16168625 ecm pinout help
  113. intake
  114. Fuel Separation Systems
  115. Need 80s Motronic xdf Help
  116. Fast ez efi retro fit kit? Need advice for first mpfi
  117. Chrysler ODBE-I Piggyback Tuning Help Needed
  118. 4500 throttle body question
  119. ALDL serial data display?
  120. Pinout adapter?
  121. Plug In OBD2 Fuel Saving device (Scam?)
  122. Anybody playing with Baldur's units yet?
  123. Repurposing Mercury Outboard Vapor Separator
  124. Anyone able to help me troubleshoot my Dakota Digital VSS & SGI-5E (GM TBI, 16197427)
  125. TPI SBC vss and adding an electrical speedo
  126. Mefi-4 xdf and adx
  127. Can anybody tell me the pinout of this map sensor?
  128. OBD2 for LX9 in vintage car
  129. Sniper efi on Vortec 350 timing questions
  130. Vespa GTS - wide-band & tuning
  131. 2011+ Coyote PATS Disable
  132. Fuel hose swivel info request
  133. Drawings of a new different Throttle Body Injector
  134. Crank Trigger positioning
  135. no response from pcm is what winflash says, someone give me a hand?
  136. change of ecm of a different car
  137. Swappage Solutions! & Questions..
  138. Issues wiring to factory tachometer "LS Swap"
  139. Chrysler Jeep P0171 and P0172 simultaneously
  140. european bin files
  141. Carb to TBI conversion
  142. Body Control Module Bin??
  143. Eehack not loading
  144. Looking to build a 84 corvette 5.7 crosssfire any suggestions
  145. OK now on to Plan D 1986 Bonneville GS
  146. Why do injectors keep failing?