View Full Version : Is a stock 896 pcm (red blue) factory tuned to run DBW and DBC both?

08-28-2020, 04:14 AM
I know that these pcm have the capability of running either a DBW or DBC, my question is, are they able to run both without specifically changing the tune? I hope im asking this correctly and hope you guys know what im trying to say. For example, can i take my pcm that is in my running DBC 5.3 and hook it up to a 5.3 that is DBW and still have it work? My pcm is a 896 but i actually used a 411 xdf and os when i flashed it. Thank you.

08-28-2020, 04:44 AM
Only certain part numbers of PCM's have the chip printed circuit board capability to run DBC and DBW. I think its the blue/green P59 devices and I'm trying to find my notes on this subject but I can't lay my hands on them. I think the red/blue P01 PCM's are too old.


08-28-2020, 05:09 AM
The red/blue Corvettes were drive by wire as well as some 5.3 trucks and also 8.1 trucks. I am 99% sure they can all do it, just needs the correct OS and calibrations.

08-29-2020, 02:23 AM
B52, thats what I thought too but red blue ran both DBW and DBC on early gen 3s. My question is, can a pcm that is red blue run a DBC and DBW without changing the "tune" "os" or anything else. For example, can my Vats deleted red blue pcm that is currently running my DBC be taken off, hooked up to a DBW engine and just work?

08-29-2020, 04:09 AM
Short answer, no.

08-29-2020, 04:36 AM
My mistake here. I was thinking about the P59 devices that retained the backwards capability to run a DBC setup. Not many PCM hardware part numbers could but they made P59's with the IAC hardware (drive by cable) up to 2007. Hardware (not service) numbers 12575502, 12570558, 12583659, and 12589161 could run a DBC setup.

Never mind me here . . . .


09-03-2020, 06:25 AM
If you have a p59 from a cable throttle setup, it can also do dbw. If your p59 was from a dbw truck, it most likely cannot do cable throttle as it probably won't have the IAC driver.