View Full Version : Tunerpro verses Tunerpro RT for OBDII

05-23-2020, 09:59 PM
Do the any of the additional features that come with Tunerpro RT verses Tunerpro apply to the OBDII platform, or do they only work with OBD I systems? I see dashboard and data recording but it seems to refer to burning a prom and the Moates features. Thanks for the help

05-23-2020, 10:18 PM
Go for Tuner Pro RT and forget about paying the $39.95 to get the ten second dialog box removed. I paid it and he returned my money but I still have the nag dialog box. And I'm OK with that because it is such a good program.


05-24-2020, 02:16 AM
Thanks, will load Tunerpro RT. This is new to me, lots to learn and appreciate the help.