View Full Version : In need of a 99 5.3L 4L60E 2WD 12212156 BIN with Stage 2 Cam

08-12-2022, 01:33 AM
Hey Everyone,

Been trying to decipher all of this information on the boards. I have the motor and trans out of a 99 GMC Sierra 5.3L 4l60E Auto 2WD, don't know what the O/S is, all the stickers are off of the unit, in a 97 S10 with Current Performance wiring harness to run all factory gauges and control electric fans from PCM, great harness all plug and play. The "get up and running" tune they put on the PCM is not very good, the truck starts and idles ok but is running pig rich at idle and about kills itself when trying to drive. I've got a BTR Stage 2 Cam 212/218 .553 Lift 113 +2, not very big, everything else is stock, not trying to make crazy HP just want the truck to drive and cruise good. EGR and EVAP, rear O2 sensors have been taken out and deleted in the tune(supposedly). Can I put the 12212156 O/S on the PCM I have as long as I get the correct BIN file from a 02 5.3L 4L60E Auto truck? What kind of changes would I need to make to get it to work? Just getting into the fine tuning and finishing the swap up so I can enjoy the truck again. Anyone got a BIN file that is close to what I'm looking for to atleast have somewhere to start from?

Thank you for your help.