View Full Version : L31 0411 with Cam, trying to tune idle and starting??

05-21-2022, 11:21 AM
I'll try to be concise. I'm 100% new to attempting to tune. I have a 99 OBS suburban with a fresh rebuilt 5.7 l31. During the built I put a Mild tow cam in(DR bumpstick .465/.470 lift,duration @ .050: 209/215). It ran okay on the stock blackbox, tried to die when going into gear and stumbled at idle some. Now I've swapped in a 0411, 02 Express van tune, s10 trans section for 4l60e 4x4. Outside of VATS, AC and evap deletes, it's a stock tune. Runs better, more responsive, idles smoother. Still starts badly. Fires up and then stumbles to die in 2 seconds. If you try again, it won't fire for 4 or 5 sec, then you kinda have to foot on the throttle to get it running and keep it running for 10 sec or so before it won't die when you let off. Once it's running, it stays running well. ATM I am using TunerPro, PCM hammer with ODBlink SX. I have turned up the B4603 desired idle speeds, multiplied by 1.2, that seems to be perfect. I have tried tweaking B3201, B3202, B3204, B3205, B3206, B3207 Initial Fuel Prime, Non sequential First fuel pulse, and enabled non sequential second fuel pulse for amount of fuel and delay timing. Those have helped maybe a tiny bit, but not much. I guess the issue is better sorted by dialing in the VE table and spark tables, but that's not something I really know where to even start with, or if that's even my issue. I'm happy to post up my current tune, or anything that might help. OBDwiz Logs keep getting disconnected every time the engine dies. I don't have wideband either. Happy to do more research if someone can point me in the right direction of were to even start.