View Full Version : Checksum needed for just calibration changes?

12-08-2021, 02:42 AM
I'm looking for the final word on either or not the OS checksum dll file is actually required when making calibration changes. Looking through several xdfs many don't included any references to the OS checksum while some do and the dll is usually provided.

12-09-2021, 08:56 PM

I don't know how the checksum plugin works. If the file you are using has good checksums (there are multiple within an OBDII calibration) then they should work after programming. If you write the file then read it you can compare the files bit by bit to see if there are differences. If there are no differences, and you're using a known good file, I would guess the issue is not with the checksums.

12-09-2021, 09:19 PM
Thank you.